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News: Why Does the American Deep State Keep Harassing India and What do They Want?

There has been a lot of talk about the American “Deep State” and the crooked and sinister ways it interferes in the internal as well as external affairs of foreign countries as per the latest news in Hindi. As far as interfering in the internal affairs of India is concerned, this deep state of America has been quite active especially since the BJP-led NDA came to power in 2014 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Now, many folks who have begun following geo-politics recently are still not clear about the meaning and scope of the American deep state going by the latest news international.

Deep state basically means a secretive group of very rich and powerful individuals with immense wealth and resources at their disposal and sharing the same world view between themselves.

The American deep state is the most talked about among all the deep states everywhere across the world because they are the people who decide and direct how America conducts its policies as the biggest superpower in the world.

One of the main thrust areas of this deep state is to ensure that no country on planet earth dares to go against the wishes of the United States of America and by extension, the wishes of the American deep state.

Modi government is committed to strategic balance in foreign relations

Before going into the foreign policy orientation of the Modi government it is important to point out that Modi was banned from entering the US before becoming the prime minister.

Even though he was the chief minister of one of India’s most developed states, Gujarat, at that time, the American deep state conspired with some leftist and Islamist dissidents of India based in the US to refuse a visa to CM Modi.

These leftist and Islamist dissidents had been spreading false and fake narratives in collaboration with the American deep state about Modi’s “hand in perpetuating the 2002 riots in Gujarat”.

They probably anticipated that Modi could be chosen by the BJP as a prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 elections and were trying to prevent that by all means.

This means, the US deep state also anticipated that if Modi came to power riding on an absolute majority for the BJP, America would gradually begin losing its leverage over India.

It is for America to adjust to an India that will chart its own roadmap

No self-respecting and patriotic nation can get along with American overreach and India is increasingly running out of patience with the American deep state meddling in its affairs as per the latest news in Hindi.

The Modi government has already made it clear to the Biden administration that US deep state meddling in India’s internal affairs cannot go hand in hand with growth of closer strategic and defence cooperation.

India’s foreign minister, S Jaishankar had bluntly and abundantly made it clear to US counterparts as well as media outlets that India is a partner in progress of the US but not an ally.

This is a very important message for not just the US State Department but also the White House to stop assuming that India is a US ally and will do everything that typical US allies do when commanded by the US.

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