Why Is It Difficult For Students To Submit Assignments?

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Why Is It Difficult For Students To Submit Assignments

Factors Contributing to Late Assignment Submissions

Procrastination Pitfalls: Assignment Delays

This is the primary cause for students submitting their assignments after the deadline. Typically, when an assignment has a distant due date, students tend to procrastinate. Students sometimes underestimate the time needed to complete a project, leading them to prioritize other activities until it becomes too late to research and do the task properly. Students may focus on activities such as viewing movies, attending parties, or participating in festivals instead of the task. 

Navigating Assignment Complexity

There’s a chance that the submission will be delayed due to the assignment’s complexity. Before they are able to complete assignments that are unclear to them, students need additional time to investigate and comprehend the concepts included in those assignments. Regarding the particulars of an assignment, students are typically reserved and reluctant to inquire with the instructor or tutor about the specifics of the assignment. They will need additional time before they are able to hand in the task if they do not understand what they are supposed to be doing. Especially in circumstances when there are a large number of people who study at a slower pace, this is an especially accurate statement. Because of their slower learning capacities, these folks will want longer time in order to comprehend complex ideas and come up with solutions to the numerous problems that are presented in the assignment.

Submission Crunch: Short Deadlines

The length of time that the assignment must be completed before it is turned in could be the reason for a backlog in the submission. In the event that the job is complex or extensive, and the tutor sets a short deadline, it is possible that pupils will have difficulty meeting the date for submission. In most cases, a much longer amount of time is required to finish a work that is both difficult and lengthy. It is possible that students will not be able to reach these stringent deadlines due to the multiple responsibilities they have. In the event that the assignment is associated with a certain class, it is possible that there will be limited time available to attend other classes while simultaneously completing the assignment.

Health Hindrance: Battling Illness

Unpredictable illness can occur at any time and without warning. A sudden and unexpected occurrence, illness can strike at any time and without warning. Since this is the case, it is possible that some students are delivering their assignments late due to illness. This could be the result of an accident, a disease, or an injury however in such cases students can seek assistance from professional assignment help UAE services. Because of a severe infection or injuries sustained as a result of a vehicle accident or other causes, it may be difficult to complete an assignment, particularly if the individual is experiencing significant pain or is hospitalized.

Technical Turmoil: Submissions and Tech Issues

Students may experience difficulties in submitting their assignments on time due to technical concerns such as power outages, limitations on internet resources, computer malfunctions, and network breakdowns. Students may find it difficult to complete their assignments and conduct research if there are frequent power interruptions. This is especially true if they have a restricted amount of time to complete their tasks. In the event that a student’s computer has technical difficulties, there is a significant possibility that the student will submit an assignment after the submission date. Particular assignments call for the utilization of specific web resources for research purposes. In the event that these reference materials are unavailable for any reason, it would be challenging for a student to complete and hand in an assignment in a timely manner.


In conclusion, various factors contribute to the challenges students face in submitting assignments on time, including procrastination, assignment complexity, tight deadlines, health issues, and technical disruptions. Understanding these obstacles can help educators and students alike devise strategies for better time management and task completion.

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