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Satisfaction rate of international students in the UK

Every year, hundreds of thousands of international students choose to study abroad in the UK, making it one of the most popular study-abroad destinations worldwide. The UK is a popular choice for overseas students for a variety of reasons, including its strong graduate career prospects, high-quality education, and diverse cultural offerings. With top universities and excellent student housing, Salford in the UK is one of the best cities to pursue higher studies.

Satisfaction Rate of International Students in the UK

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey 2022 by Advance HE revealed that 82% of non-UK students expressed happiness, which contributed to the overall high level of satisfaction among postgraduate research students.

The last three years have seen a little but steady decline in overall satisfaction, which has been reversed with a slight increase to 80%.

According to the poll, postgraduate research students living in student accommodation in Salford in the UK are still satisfied, although their percentage has decreased somewhat to 79% from before the epidemic.

In all, about 330,000 students from hundreds of UK colleges, universities, and other educational institutions answered the 2021 National Student Survey. Compared to 2020, when 310,000 students responded to the poll, this is an increase.

All facets of academic life were addressed by the survey questions, including learning materials, work feedback, and the calibre of instruction.

With 93.34%, the diminutive but powerful University of St Andrews came in second.

75% of UK students overall said they were happy with the calibre of their degree, which is a considerable drop from 83% the previous year.

Course and provider satisfaction varied despite the industry-wide decline

Students in fields including agriculture, architecture, and the creative and performing arts reported sharp drops in overall happiness. This may be an indication of how challenging it was for these practical courses to switch to remote learning.

The eighth-best study destination in Europe is the United Kingdom. The largest database of foreign student experiences in the world, STeXX.EU was used by nearly 7,000 students to score their study experiences, which served as the basis for the awards. Based on several international students who offered their thoughts about their experiences studying in the UK and living at the student housing in Salford, the UK was awarded a final overall score of 9 out of 10. The UK is now more satisfied with its students than it was in 2013 when it came in at number twelve.

In the UK, fifteen universities were given Student Satisfaction Awards. Five of them, with an average rating of over 9.5 out of 10, were given the Certificate of Outstanding Student Satisfaction. First place went to Cardiff University, then to Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Edinburgh. The “outstanding” prize was also given to the Universities of Exeter and Nottingham. Two UK institutions were ranked as “very good,” and eight more universities were given “excellent” ratings.

Acclaim for the resources and study possibilities offered by UK universities

International students residing at the student apartments in Salford concur that pursuing their studies in the UK gives them access to one of the widest selections of study programme specialisations available in Europe. They express great satisfaction with the variety of study alternatives, flexible scheduling, and prospects for part-time employment. Many students also expressed how happy they were with the possibilities they had for both professional and personal growth while studying in the UK, with opportunities to strengthen their English language proficiency in particular.

Esteem for the “international atmosphere” in the UK

The majority of students also think that studying in the United Kingdom is a fantastic way to experience a global community and meet people from all over the world. Pupils take pleasure in the rich social life, plethora of university activities, and British cities and culture. Comparatively speaking to other international students in Europe, international students in the UK tend to comment less on academic components; this could be a reflection of the importance that social and cultural features have for those studying in the UK.

The difficulty of locating student housing in the United Kingdom

Due to the high population density and large number of students, it can be difficult to find and expensive to rent Salford student accommodation in the UK, particularly in places that are closer to city centres. Reviews also note that the quality of the lodging is fairly low, with some criticising the state of the rooms and the distance between the student residences and university campuses. Some of the challenges common with students include the high cost of rent for their accommodation, poor quality of the accommodation they find or afford and long distances they have to travel. Thus, students from other countries can find the process particularly challenging since they might have no prior experience with the local market or if the rules are unfamiliar to them. Additional reasons not to advise studying in the UK include grievances regarding subpar facilities and unenthusiastic academic staff—an additional consequence of the country’s high student population.

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