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In Microsoft Outlook, duplicate items can complicate matters, clog your inbox, and reduce productivity. It can be hard to remember what’s new and what’s been removed, particularly when importing files into Outlook. Even worse, Outlook’s duplicate detection feature is missing during import since it is by default disabled.


Removing duplicates is not an insurmountable process, though. Actually, eliminating duplicate items from Outlook can be done in a number of ways quickly and effectively without requiring advanced technical knowledge. Thus, this article will give you a detailed explanation of how to find and eliminate duplicate items from your Outlook mailbox.

Read through this page in its entirety to learn how to remove duplicate items from Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2019, and all prior versions.

How Might having Duplicate Objects Bother you?

One of the popular apps in the Microsoft Suite is Microsoft Outlook. Outlook needs a lot of resources in order to function well. Outlook users frequently get duplicate emails and messages. The problems mentioned below are probably going to come up for you at some point.

  • Confusing emails are sent in duplicate. It is not possible for the user to confirm whether an email was answered. Because you are responding to the same email over and over again, there will only be more misunderstandings between clients and team members.
  • Outlook data files get unnecessarily larger when there are duplicate emails. Outlook starts to operate more slowly. It negatively impacts the productivity of organizations. Accessing and responding to new emails takes longer.
  • If Outlook is configured with Office 365 or Exchange Server, duplicate items will make the mailbox larger.
  • Outlook backups will eat up more space, and you will have to pay more for more space if you store backups on any external cloud storage.

Reasons Why Email Messages Get Duplicated

The list of potential explanations is not exhaustive, but there are numerous ones.

  1. Inaccurate rule configuration

When you receive an email message, it could be confusing if the rules are not set up appropriately. As a result, there are duplicate emails.

  1. Brief message sending and receiving intervals

There will be data duplication if the inbox refreshes infrequently, causing the emails and other contents to become out of sync.

  1. An account setup error

Using the same email address on a laptop and a mobile device, for example, will result in the incoming message synchronizing repeatedly. This can be one of the causes of duplicate emails in the Outlook inbox. Inappropriate settings of the mailbox
While creating an account in Outlook, if the mailbox parameters are set inappropriately, then it is likely to receive the same email and any message multiple times.

4. Technical problems

The duplicate Outlook items can potentially be attributed to a mail server technical problem. These kinds of incidents usually occur when you enable the “Leave Messages on the Server” option. When different incoming emails are subject to two or more “move a copy to” rules, Microsoft Outlook’s erroneous configuration is controlled. Duplication of emails results from this frequently. Email duplication can also result from several PST files being combined into one.

Outlook duplicates should be eliminated since, regardless of the cause, having numerous copies of a single message would reduce Outlook’s productivity.

How can I use Outlook to See if any Emails are Duplicates?

One glance is insufficient to ascertain whether an Outlook email is a duplicate. A message’s characteristics can be used to determine whether or not it displays multiple emails. The following fields are available for use in the comparison:

  • Subject
  • Text
  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • Attachment

If you have duplicate emails in your mailbox, you can see the same emails appearing more than once when you perform a search using these parameters. If there are just a few duplicate emails, you can use the application’s Delete option to remove the comparable emails from your inbox by searching for them using one of the aforementioned fields (such as “Subject”). However, this would become a challenging task if there were a lot of duplicates.

Is it Simple to get Rid of Redundant files in Outlook 2007? 2016, 2013? 2010, 2007?

It’s crucial to clear your mailbox of duplicate files. If you have hundreds or thousands of these kinds of products, it would be difficult for you. It would be nearly impossible to manually remove those items if the amount were even higher. In summary, it is not a simple operation to manually remove duplicate items, and Microsoft—even with Outlook 2013—does not offer a simple solution for this issue.

 How can I get Rid of Duplicate Entries in Outlook?

Prior to proceeding with the removal of duplicate items from Microsoft Outlook, you must identify the issue and work to resolve it. If, on the other hand, you are helpless, then here is the place for you. The five methods listed below can help you get rid of duplicate files from your Outlook mailbox.

1) Adjust the rules appropriately.

Verify that the Outlook rules are set up properly. Rules that are not properly established will lead to misunderstandings between several email folders. Make sure the rules are properly configured for Outlook to quickly eliminate duplicate emails. Additionally, confirm that the Outlook program is only open in one instance. Using your system’s Task Manager, end the additional Outlook.exe instances.

2) When importing items from Outlook, always choose “Do not import duplicate items.”

In order to prevent duplicate things from being imported into the Outlook application, make sure you choose the “Do Not Import Duplicate Items” option at the end of the import process when importing Outlook PST file objects like contacts or mailbox folders using the Import/Export feature.

3) Decide How Often to Receive Inbox Updates.

One of the greatest methods for removing duplicate emails from Outlook is that it allows you to quickly and simply adjust mailbox frequency.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Select “Send/Receive Groups” from the “Send/Receive” menu.
  3. Press the “Define Send/Receive Groups” button. It will open a new window.
  4. Click on the group that you wish to edit in the new window. By default, there is only one group named “All Accounts.” By selecting the “New” button, you can also form a new group. \
  5. Select the group and then click the “Edit” option.
  6. The next window will open. 6. Select the desired time interval from the drop-down menu under the “Schedule an automatic send/receive every ___ minutes” option.
  7. To save the modifications, click “OK.”
  8. By going through steps 3 through 7, you can also establish distinct time frames for certain account groups.

4) Clean Up the Inbox.

Numerous tools and add-ins in Outlook can make it simple for you to get rid of duplicate emails. Follow these instructions to declutter your mailbox and get rid of duplicate emails in Outlook.

  1. Launch Outlook.
  2. Pick a folder in your mailbox.
  3. Click on House > Cleaning. Configure the following options now:

Tidy up The duplicate emails in the conversation will be moved and deleted.

Duplicate emails from any given folder can be eliminated using the Clean Up Folder.

The redundant folders and subfolders will be removed using the Clean Up Folders and Subfolders tool.

  1. Click the Empty Folder option when you right-click the Deleted Items folder to permanently eliminate the emails.

5) Use of an Antivirus Program

If you have duplicates in your inbox when using Microsoft Outlook, you might be able to fix the problem by turning off your antivirus program. The antivirus program can occasionally result in Outlook displaying duplicate items.

When you stop your antivirus program, Outlook deletes duplicate emails. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch the antivirus program.
  1. Search for a setting that allows you to disable or stop the program. Depending on the program you’re using, this option can not be located in the same place.
  2. After the program has been turned off, launch Microsoft Outlook again.
  3. Verify whether the duplicate emails are still in your inbox. You can reactivate your antivirus program if they aren’t.

You might need to manually delete duplicate emails from Outlook if, even after turning off your antivirus program, you are still seeing duplicate things in your inbox. Choose the duplicate items and hit the Delete key on your keyboard to accomplish this.

6) Making use of Preview Mode

You can quickly compare messages in preview mode and decide which ones to delete. This is the method.

  • Switch the chosen Outlook folder’s “Preview” mode on.
  • To specify the columns, select the Columns button from the View Settings menu, then press Add.

Duplicate messages can be removed by comparing them using the specified column header, like “Size.”

  • To sort messages by sender, time of receipt, and subject, click the Sort button under View Settings.
  • In the “Advanced View Settings” dialog box, click OK if you wish to save the sorting settings.
  • The message list has now been sorted by choosing certain parameters. Select the duplicates, then delete them.

7) Outlook Duplicate Remover from a Third Party

To get rid of the Outlook duplicates for good, you can also choose a trustworthy third-party Outlook Duplicate Remover program. Duplicate emails and other Outlook items are no longer a concern thanks to the development of the third-party duplicate email remover for Outlook tools.

Softaken PST File Duplicate Remover Software is one such program. Duplicate items are automatically found and removed from your Outlook by the software. It is the most effective and tested way to Remove Exact Emails & Contacts From Outlook. You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to finding duplicate things; for instance, you can search for duplicates within a certain date range. You can eliminate duplicate items with the software’s free version as well. Additionally, you can use this free Outlook Duplicates Remover application to delete ten items from each folder.

The procedure to eliminate duplicates in Microsoft Outlook is as follows:

Step 1: To add or create a new task, launch the PST File Duplicate Remover application and click the Add Task icon.

Step 2: Enter the task name and task description in the Task Creation Wizard, then click Next to continue.

stage 3: Select folders to search for duplicate items; use the Up and Down buttons to prioritize the folders; and click the Next button to move on to the next stage.

Step 4: Click Next after selecting the action you wish to take on the duplicate objects the software has found.

Step 5: By choosing the properties as indicated in the screenshot, you can compare the emails and other items in this step. To go to the last step, click the Next button.

Step 6: Click Store Report, and then press the Finish button to store the task’s progress report.

As you’ve observed, reading every email and deleting the duplicates is the only manual way to locate and remove duplicates in Outlook. You might choose an automated method, such as PST File Duplicate Remover, to save your precious time.


To keep your mailbox tidy, you must remove duplicate items from Microsoft Outlook. You can select from a number of methods covered in the blog or by using a trustworthy third-party program. When using any of these techniques, it is imperative to ensure the security of your data.

A dependable and easy-to-use program created especially for this reason is PST File Duplicate Remover. It doesn’t risk losing any important data by using sophisticated algorithms to find and eliminate duplicate items from your mailbox.

Thus, this utility is the ideal option if you’re sick of battling duplicate items in your Outlook inbox and want a strong, effective remedy. Get the free trial edition of this amazing product by visiting our website today to find out more.

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