Tips & Tricks to Fix Faulty Motorcycle Brake Problems in 2024

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Maintaining your motorcycle brake system is highly important for a safe riding experience under different circumstances. It’s important to address brake issues and replace brake wires and levers for safety with optimal performance. Thanks to the convenience of purchasing bike spare parts online, high-quality brake levers and wires has become a simple process than ever, ensuring enhanced riding safety.


In addition to the replacement of motorcycle brake parts, addressing mechanical issues is equally important. Therefore, in this blog, we’ll explore different bike brake problems that need immediate rectification and resolution.


Brake Problems with Respective Solution


1. Brake Binding Issue Brake binding is a major concern, particularly in commuter bikes that clock numerous kilometers on daily basis. This issue occurs when brakes are regularly used, making it challenging for the wheel to rotate properly. Even without applying the brake lever, you will experience that the bike move sluggishly due to this binding problem. To address this issue, one major option is to replace the old brake wire and lever with new ones. In addition, lubricating the anchor pin guarantee smooth brake operation, effectively resolving the binding problem.


2. Fading of Brakes The fading of brakes is a major issue contributing to regular motorcycle accidents. Here the bike struggles to come to a halt even after applying brakes. This happens when motorcycle brakes experience limited friction with rising temperatures. Often, this is a problem of skipping regular maintenance and bike care, leading to brake fading and fluid deterioration. To resolve this issue in an effective manner, buying new brake wires, brake pads, and levers from best online bike parts store can significantly improve the safety factor and restore optimal braking performance.


3. Overheating


Brake overheating is a common problem faced by bike riders due to frequent instances of sudden braking. This leads to the brake lines losing friction and ends into inadequate stopping power for the bike. Prolonged usage of brakes without proper maintenance and replacement is another contributing factor to this condition. It’s important to understand that excessive brake overheating can lead to sudden brake failures during the ride, posing significant chances of fatal accidents.


4. Judder Problem You might have experienced the screeching sound coming when you apply bike brakes. No matter whether applied at high or low speeds. This condition is known as brake judder, which usually occurs after prolonged usage or when the brake lining loses its ability to properly stop the vehicle. In such scenarios, investing in bike spare parts online, along with other services, can be a prudent decision to replace the braking system and ensure optimized performance and safety.


5. Brakes Grabbing


An important brake-related issue often faced with the entry-level motorcycle brakes is grabbing. This indicates that a brake has become seized. This problem usually happens because of the incorrect assembly of brake parts during repairs or service intervals. When grabbing situation comes, the brakes remain applied, preventing the motorcycle from moving . To resolve this issue promptly and effectively, it’s important to have your bike inspected by an experienced mechanic who can diagnose and fix the problem in a timely manner.


Wrapping Up


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