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Dawlance AC

Presenting the ideal cooling partner, the Dawlance Split Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton Inverter DAC-Sprinter 30. This eco-friendly Dawlance air conditioner uses less energy and provides effective cooling thanks to its sophisticated inverter technology. A reputable brand in the field, Dawlance, offers you a high-end inverter air conditioner that guarantees dependability and performance.

With the DAC-Sprinter 30, enjoy accurate temperature control and whisper-quiet operation. Its 1.5-ton capacity makes it ideal for medium-sized to large settings, offering cold, refreshing air even in the sweltering summer months. Take advantage of Dawlance’s dedication to sustainability and innovation and enjoy a cool, cozy setting.

Dawlance AC Sprinter Cooling Process and Process

You need to take into consideration before buying Dawlance AC 30 sprinter.

Pakistani Dawlance Inverter AC Prices

Searching for the Pakistani price of a Dawlance AC? You may get your preferred Dawlance air conditioner at Japan Electronics at a competitive price, along with fantastic after-sale services. The average cost of the Dawlance AC is Rs. 145,500, with a price tag of Rs. 139,800 in Pakistan. A variety of Dawlance air conditioners are available for use in homes and offices.

With its high-efficiency compressors, low voltage starter of 150 volts, and practical features like sleep mode and customizable settings, the well-liked Powercon 15 model is perfect for offices. Get the best deal on a Dawlance AC from Japan Electronics in Pakistan.with a price tag of Rs. 139,800 in Pakistan. A variety of Dawlance air conditioners are available for use in homes and offices.

Dawlance Air Conditioners: Dependable and Economical

Dawlance air conditioners have a reputation for being reasonably priced and dependable.with a price tag of Rs. 139,800 in Pakistan. A variety of Dawlance air conditioners are available for use in homes and offices. These AC units are a well-liked option because they are readily available on the market at reasonable costs. The greatest Dawlance AC Prices can be found in Pakistan at Japan Electronics, one of the top online retailers in the country.

Pakistani Dawlance Ac 1 Ton Price

You can now get a Dawlance Ac 1 Ton in Pakistan for PKR 139,800. The Elegance air conditioner by Dawlance is a fantastic option for cooling your area. It features a 1-ton capacity and a 12-year warranty on the sturdy plastic inner section. Efficiency and durability are guaranteed by the gold fins and Enercon-like design.

Typhoon air technology is included in the Elegance series for improved cooling, and a cool touch remote is included for convenience. For many people who desire simplicity and comfort at home, it’s a great option overall.with a price tag of Rs. 139,800 in Pakistan. A variety of Dawlance air conditioners are available for use in homes and offices.

Pakistani Dawlance ac 45 gallant Cost

In Pakistan, the cost of the Dawlance AC 45 gallant AC is 167,900 PKR. Thanks to its inverter technology, this strong and effective air conditioner provides consistent cooling. Its 1.5-ton capacity makes it appropriate for rooms of a moderate size, offering comfort while minimizing energy usage. With this inverter AC type, Dawlance guarantees both performance and affordability.

Dawlance: A Reliable Brand For Comfortable Cooling

For more than 40 years, Dawlance has been a reputable name in air conditioning. Dawlance is renowned for its dependability, with 19 research facilities, 21 production facilities, and a workforce of over 30,000 people spread throughout 140 countries. Their emphasis on innovation has produced a wide range of household appliances, making them an excellent option for any household.

Pakistani Dawlance Inverter Ac Cost

PKR 168,800 is the best Dawlance inverter AC price in Pakistan. For your house or workplace, consider Dawlance inverter air conditioners. A popular option that comes with a remote and control cable is the Elegance 1.0-ton AC. In addition, a ten-year warranty is included. Compared to other options, Dawlance inverter ACs are more cost-effective, dependable, and efficient. At Japan Electronics, where everyone prioritizes cost, get the ideal air conditioner for your home.

Heat & Cool

With the Dual Technology of Cooling & Heating with a Single Touch of a Button, Dawlance AC 30 Spinter Multi-Functional Air Conditioners now have you covered for both Summer and Winter.


Make the switch to the Dawlance Inverter AC right now to enjoy a calm and economical living environment. Experience unparalleled coolness with the Dawlance Split Air Conditioner Inverter DAC-Sprinter 30 and stay ahead of the game. With the revolutionary Dawlance Sprinter 30 Inverter Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton, you may enjoy the refreshing summer wind. It promises dependability all season long and guarantees better cooling efficiency with its Aura Inverter Series and Typhoon Air Technology. 

It’s the ultimate in convenience, with an energy-efficient inverter compressor that can save up to PKR 30,000 a year, 100% copper connecting pipes for long-lasting sturdiness, and a self-cleaning feature for easy maintenance. Thanks to its broad voltage range (150 to 260 V), you may experience constant cooling even during voltage variations. The Anti-F feature also contributes to cleaner air. This summer, easily battle the heat with a powerful air throw and a larger indoor unit. Bring home your ideal cooling partner right away to be cozy throughout the season. Don’t hesitate.

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