Sea World Aquarium: A Fascinating Tourist Spot In Rameswaram

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Sea world Aquarium
Sea world Aquarium

Rameswaram is one of the popular travel destinations in India for planning a holiday. This city in Tamil Nadu boasts of its rich culture,  stunning beaches, ancient temples and historical significance. When planning a Rameswaram tour guide, it’s more than just the temples to concentrate on. There are some offbeat places which are also worth noticing. Sea World Aquarium is one example here. This fascinating travel spot in Rameswaram lets you delve into the unexplored world of marine life. So today, we’d like to share the facts about it. 

Before proceeding with our main topic, let us brief you on what makes Rameswaram one of the exciting places to visit in Tamil Nadu. Well, the one apparent reason is the number of temples here. These holy shrines have mythological connections from the Ramayana and are worth admiring for their splendid infrastructure. To add more spark to your journey, there are beaches where you can relax and enjoy water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, glass boating, ferry rides, jet skiing, and kayaking. 

The fact behind the name of this divine city lies in Ramayana. According to a mythological legend, Rameswaram is where Lord Rama worshipped Shiva in linga form to attain his blessings in winning the war over Ravana and getting back his wife, Sita. If you want to witness the existence of Lord Ram, then you should visit this divine city, as there are many places here that will let you believe that he was a no illusionary character. 

Returning to our topic, you must have seen aquariums in your relatives’ or friends’ houses. But at Sea World Aquarium, you will get a wider display of marine species. So get ready as we bring you facts about this wonderful spot in Rameswaram.

Exploring the marine life at Sea World Aquarium in Rameswaram

If you want to learn about aquatic life, consider adding Sea World Aquarium to your Rameswaram itinerary. CMFRI (Campus of The Mandapam Regional Centre of Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute) laid the foundation for this place, one of India’s well-known marine research centres. The aquarium features diverse species of marine life that you will love to see. 

It is one of the modern displays that keeps a close watch on marine species and makes the environment perfect for them with free water flow. The tanks here are kept at temperatures convenient for fish and other aquatic dwellers. You can visit this underwater world in Rameswaram from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Animals on display at Sea World Aquarium

There are around 1100 species of fish you will find at this aquarium of Rameswaram. Other than fish, there are other marine species, including 220 crabs/hermit crabs, 152 sponges, 370 sea shells, 200 tube-dwelling worms, 180 corals, 125 prawns, and stomatopods. Here is the list of rare marine species to spot in this aquarium. 

  • Whale Shark
  • Sea Horse
  • Blue-spotted Stingray
  • Benthos
  • White-spotted Eagle Ray
  • Lionfish
  • Pufferfish
  • Lobster
  • Green Sea Turtle
  • Anemone Fish
  • Yellow Cowfish
  • Red Caribbean Reef Squid
  • Prawn
  • Shrimp

What else to do at Sea World Aquarium?

Viewing the different marine species at Sea World Aquarium should be a reason to visit Rameswaram, the divine island in Tamil Nadu. Besides watching marine life closely at this underwater display spot, you can also partake in guided tours, interactive shows, workshops, and lectures on marine biology and conservation. Please note that the aquarium is closed on the second Saturday. 

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Rameswaram is treasured with many temples of historical significance, pristine beaches, and other fascinating attractions that make it worth visiting. But exploring some of its hidden gems, such as the Sea World Aquarium, is more memorable. It is a must-sightseeing tour for anyone interested in marine life. 

Today, in this article, we have listed the species of marine life that you expect to see. Proper maintenance is taken for the safety of these living beings. Touring this site will bring a new travel experience not just for yourself but also for your kids. So, let them explore marine life closer by visiting the Sea World Aquarium and brushing up their knowledge about the aquatic species.

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