RV Ready: Preparing for Camping Season and Why RV Shows is a Must-Attend for New Buyers

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Are you planning to buy an RV this season? Whether you’re a first-time buyer or upgrading to a newer model, the process of purchasing an RV can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many options on the market, it cannot be easy to decide which type of unit is best for you. In this blog, we’ll explore how to select which RV is right for you, how to start the research process, and how upcoming RV shows can be a great place to browse and find the perfect fit.

1. One of the most significant expenses for many people is housing. When you live in an RV full-time, you eliminate the need for a traditional home, which can save you thousands of dollars each year. Instead of paying a mortgage or rent, you’ll only have to pay for the cost of your RV, insurance, and maintenance.

Additionally, many RV parks and campgrounds offer long-term rates, which can save you even more money compared to short-term stays. Some RVers even choose to boondock (camp without hookups) in remote locations, which is free and allows you to save even more money on camping fees.

2. Reduced Utility Costs

Living in an RV also means a significant reduction in utility costs. Most RVs are equipped with energy-efficient appliances, and many newer models also feature solar panels to help power your rig. You’ll also use less water and electricity since your living space is much smaller than a traditional home.

3. Less Spending on Home Maintenance

Owning a traditional home also means spending money on maintenance and repairs. When you live in an RV, you’ll have far fewer maintenance and repair expenses. Most RVs are built to be durable and low-maintenance, and many issues can be resolved with basic DIY skills.

In conclusion, full-time living in an RV offers a unique and exciting lifestyle while also providing significant cost savings. From lower housing costs to reduced utility expenses, there are numerous ways in which RV living can help you save money.

Let’s break that down with a cost comparison!

Average cost of living in Alberta

• Power – $158

• Water/Sewer – $100

• Natural Gas – $183

• Internet – $75

• Mortgage/Rent – $1400

TOTAL $1991

Average cost of full-time RV Living

• Most RV parks include water, power, internet and location in one charge – $450

• Propane – $400

• Monthly RV Cost – $500

TOTAL $1350

Making the Transition to Full-Time RV Living

Making the transition to full-time RV living requires some planning and preparation, but it’s relatively easy to achieve. We’re going to break it down step by step.

1. Determine Your Budget: The first step is to determine your budget and see if full-time RV living is a viable option for you. Consider the costs of an RV, insurance, maintenance, and camping fees, and make sure you have enough money to sustain your lifestyle.

2. Downsize Your Possessions: One of the biggest challenges of RV living is downsizing your possessions. You’ll need to get rid of any items that won’t fit in your rig and determine what is essential to keep.

3. Research Different RV Types: There are many different types of RVs to choose from, including travel trailers, motorhomes, and fifth wheels. Consider your budget, travel plans, and lifestyle when choosing the right RV for you.

4. Plan Your Destination (or route if you’re traveling): Decide where you will set up base and find an RV lot that meets your requirements. If you’re planning to travel and take the nomad route, you’ll still want to make a rough itinerary. This will help you determine how much time you’ll spend in each location and how much money you’ll need.

If you’re tired of the high costs of traditional living, it might be time to consider making the switch to full-time RV living. With careful planning and preparation, you can achieve the freedom and financial stability you’ve been dreaming of. Visit our showroom or contact us to start the process.

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