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Experiencing traffic congestion is inevitable while driving within Dubai especially when it comes to roundabouts. The roundabouts, mainly having multiple lanes, and are normally occupied with cars moving continuously from one lane to the other, need attention and good driving skills to handle. 

In this article, it is possible to give useful instructions concerning roundabout rules in Dubai, along with advice to enhance driving skills. This book is aimed at making you a roundabout smart and safe driver by spelling out the etiquette and rules of roundabout driving. 

For understanding roundabout driving rules, the right-of-way is defined, alongside factors such as changing lanes, signaling, speed limit, and more. The good news is that you can effectively prepare for roundabout showdowns and regain the driving wheel in Dubai. Along with that let us assist you to understand what roundabout means and take to the roads with lots of confidence.

Tips for Safe Roundabout Driving 

Whenever driving in roundabouts within the Dubai roads it is always important to be careful and observe several defensive measures to avoid causing or becoming a victim of an accident. In the approach to circular intersections, slow down and be prepared to relinquish the right of way to a vehicle already in the circular intersection. Some of the important signs that can be observed include those that show the lanes used for entering and exiting the roundabout and one should ensure that he gets into the right lane depending on the intended direction.

While in the roundabout, proceed to give way to traffic on one’s left while looking out for traffic coming in or proceeding out of the roundabout. Indicate before moving from one lane to another or getting out of the roundabout. Go with the flow of traffic and do not stop or change directions suddenly. Always ease up and use the right speed in such a way that you keep the right distance from other cars.

Never try to join a roundabout if you cannot safely leave the roundabout once you are on it to avoid endangering the lives of other road users. This will definitely hamper traffic and may result in an accident occurring.

You should always prioritize safety over convenience. One must also ensure that they do not overtake other vehicles as this is also considered as unlawful within a roundabout.

When feeling unsure of how to maneuver the roundabouts; make it a point to read through the traffic laws in Dubai’s traffic code. Another idea is to take a defensive driving course that can sharpen such crucial competencies as risk recognition, as well as anticipation of actions from the other drivers involved in Roundabout and all other traffic-related scenarios.

It just takes duplicating and the correct precautions that roundabouts in Dubai can easily be maneuvered. But should the worst happen and an accident happen then you should ensure that vehicles off the main road, all people involved are safe, and the emergency services are called then an exchange of details such as phone numbers and insurance details should be given. Preventing harm to yourself and other road users should always be a priority rather than regarding who was at fault.


Avoiding Common Roundabout Mistakes

Driving roundabouts in Dubai may seem very challenging to any driver, more so if one is new; to the city. But of course, there are standard rules of behavior and safety when interacting with roundabouts that will help a person to relax when driving through them.

First, a driver must always give way to vehicles already in the roundabout. One should not join a roundabout unless they are sure there is an opening in which they can exit. In this respect, one must wait until the opening in traffic to cross into the outer lane of the roundabout. Do not make sudden brakes as you can cause rear-end collisions especially when driving in roundabouts.

Second, indicate the lane change or exiting the roundabout in time and with necessity. This means you should turn on your blinker before you actually begin to change your position on the road to inform other road users of your intentions. At roundabouts keep to the left or right-hand side but always leave by the outermost lane of multi-lane roundabouts. It is dangerous and unlawful to cut across lanes, do not do it.

Third, approach roundabouts at a relatively slow and in a manner that will not endanger others. This is due to the fact that even if you do not see any other vehicles approaching or around the roundabout, it is prohibited to drive at high speeds when going around the roundabout. Also in turn circumstances in Dubai typically involve sharp turns, meaning that one has to slow down if he wants to successfully manage the roundabouts. Approach each roundabout at a speed that should not be higher than that indicated by the given speed limit signs. 

It is important to look more often for pedestrians who may be walking across the road at the crosswalk and along the pavement when approaching or using a roundabout. Yield to pedestrians and cyclists and allow them to cross the entire roundabout before proceeding with the vehicle. If you have followed these measures, you will confidently be on a roundabout in Dubai. However, for higher safety and flexibility, you may prefer to use a professional driver service. 

There are companies such as SaferDriverUAE, where highly trained and experienced drivers drive cars on the roads of Dubai on behalves of clients. They are providing monthly driver Dubai services as well. At a driver service, you are provided door pick up and drop off at an affordable monthly rate which makes the driver service one of the safest means of transportation eliminating the confusion that may be encountered in roundabouts without having to worry about the locality.


In conclusion, you are now a well-informed driver concerning the correct signalization and guidelines to follow when approaching roundabouts in the city of Dubai. By applying some common practices like yielding, signaling intent, properly selecting your lane, and enhancing your awareness, you can deal with these roundabouts as a pro. 

So it is recommended to stay on the lookout and be polite to people from now on. All you are required to do is to execute them by practicing and minding them, and then there is no problem with roundabouts. Further, if you need more assistance while practicing to drive then you can consult SafeDriverUAE for the required help and professional training. Drive safely out there!

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