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Patient eligibility verification is one of the most important aspects of revenue cycle management, which must be adhered to make sure that healthcare providers receive adequate payments for the services they offer. Introduce pVerify, a revolutionary concept in the market for Patient Eligibility Verification Software technology.

Need for Reliable Verification

Before a patient visit is scheduled, a patient eligibility check is a complex process that aims to check the patient’s insurance status, patient benefits, and demographic details. Consequently, this has been very tedious and very likely to include errors’ activity, typically depending on data inputs, along with phone consultations with insurance providers. Such methods not only drain a lot of resources but also open the gate to the possibility of having the wrong reimbursement amounts and tend to take a lot of time.

Streamlined efficiency with pVerify

pVerify is the solution that changes the process of patient eligibility verification quite dramatically and makes use of processes that cannot be emulated by a human. Using connectivity solutions to a provider’s EHR or practice management system, pVerify automates eligibility and benefit verification and obtains real-time information from insurance payers. This reduces the delay and/or risk of errors that would have been associated with manual entry and input of data, thus providing better information to providers so they could make the right decisions pertaining to patients’ treatment.

Key Features of pVerify

Real-Time Eligibility Verification

The pVerify includes patient information such as the eligibility and benefits of their insurance policies from leading insurance companies. This helps in confirming the coverage and particulars on the spot to ensure that a well-informed clinical decision is made during a patient encounter.

Automated Prior Authorization

Paper prerequisites for prior authorization present many barriers to health care providers, consisting of limitations on the use of useful patient care and delayed compensation. pVerify minimizes these challenges by automating the prior authorization process through the electronic submission of authorization requests and real-time tracking of the requested authorizations.

Customizable Workflows

pVerify aims at providing customizable workflows in a bid to match the requirements of healthcare practices. Whether it is a single patient eligibility check, or using pVerify to check the eligibility of a list of patients, pVerify can be used in most IDN’s current processes.

Seamless Integration

pVerify seamlessly connects with most major EHR and practice management vendors so that there is no need for keying in data twice or having data in one system differ from data in another system. These transitions also contribute to the optimization of patient care production and generally make patients’ trips to the facilities less cumbersome.

The Benefits of pVerify

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

As demonstrated below, pVerify assists healthcare to minimize claim rejections, shorten the period for reimbursement, and consequently, enhance their revenue cycle management. This amounts to better control of cash flow and financial buffers for almost any scale of healthcare practice.

Enhanced Patient Experience

By virtue of linking eligibility and benefit details, pVerify helps healthcare providers achieve positive patient satisfaction. Patients, in general, improve their experience in the following ways: reduced waiting time, decreased amount of paperwork that needs to be done, and understanding their coverage and costs.

Compliance and Security

pVerify also offers full compliance and security solutions, and no patient information will be compromised while using the system. Featuring solid encryption principles and being fully compliant with industry standards and guidelines set within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), pVerify can be safely used by both practitioners and their clients.


pVerify, as a result, remains the epitome of efficiency as the delivery of healthcare in the current world progresses to a higher level of complicated systems. pVerify assists healthcare providers in enhancing efficiency through the automation of patient eligibility verification and the optimization of revenue cycle management to achieve a more effective outcome for the center of purpose: the patients.

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