Overcoming Challenges: Common Hurdles in UK Degree Attestation for UAE-bound Professionals

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In an era of increasing global mobility, professionals often find opportunities across borders more accessible. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) remains a top destination for many due to its dynamic job market and tax-free earnings. However, UAE-bound professionals with degrees from the UK face a significant administrative hurdle before they can fully embark on their new professional journeys: degree attestation. This process can be daunting, but understanding its intricacies can make navigation smoother. Here’s a detailed look at the common challenges in the UK degree attestation for UAE and strategies to overcome them.

Understanding Degree Attestation

Degree attestation is a process that verifies the authenticity of a degree, making it acceptable for employment or further study in another country. For the UAE, this involves several layers of authentication from various authorities in the UK and UAE. The primary reason behind this rigorous process is to prevent fraudulent academic claims and ensure that qualifications meet local standards.

Challenge 1: Navigating the Process

One of the primary hurdles is the complexity of the attestation process itself. The procedure involves multiple steps, including verification from the UK where the degree was issued, attestation from the UK Foreign, Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), and finally, the UAE Embassy in London. This multi-step process can be confusing and time-consuming.


The best approach is to understand the procedure or engage professional attestation services thoroughly. These services can navigate the bureaucratic intricacies efficiently, although they come at a cost. A detailed checklist of each step, required documents, and official contacts can be indispensable for those opting to do it themselves.

Challenge 2: Timing and Delays

Timing is a critical factor. The attestation process can take a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on various factors like document verification, workload at attestation offices, and logistic delays. Such delays can be frustrating, especially if employment in the UAE is contingent upon the attested degree.


Start early. Initiate the attestation process as soon as possible, ideally as soon as the UAE job offer is confirmed. Keeping buffer time for unexpected delays can prevent last-minute hassles. Also, regularly follow up on the status of your attestation to avoid getting caught in bureaucratic limbo.

Challenge 3: Cost Implications

Cost is another significant hurdle. The attestation process involves several fees, including those for official stamps, courier services, and professional service charges if a handling agency is used. These costs can accumulate, making the process expensive.


Budgeting for the entire attestation process in advance can help manage these expenses effectively. Also, comparing prices between different service providers and opting for bundled offers can reduce costs. Some employers in the UAE might also offer to cover attestation costs, so it’s worthwhile to negotiate this as part of your employment package.

Challenge 4: Dealing with Lost or Damaged Documents

Losing crucial documents or receiving them damaged during attestation can be a nightmare. This delays the process and requires starting the process anew, including reissuing documents from the university.


Always send documents via trusted courier services that offer tracking and ensure documents are appropriately packaged to withstand transit conditions. Additionally, keeping digital and photocopies of all documents can save a lot of trouble. Some attestation services offer insurance for the papers during the process, which can be a prudent investment.

Challenge 5: Legal and Regulatory Changes

The rules and requirements for attestation can change with little notice, influenced by diplomatic relations or policy shifts in either country. Staying uninformed can lead to non-compliance with the latest regulations, leading to rejected applications.


Check updates from the UAE Embassy and the FCDO regarding attestation procedures regularly. Engaging with forums and communities of expatriates in the UAE can also offer practical insights and up-to-date information.


Navigating the UK degree attestation process for the UAE involves understanding the detailed requirements and preparing for potential setbacks. By planning, budgeting appropriately, and leveraging professional services, professionals can mitigate the challenges and ensure their transition to the UAE is as smooth as possible. Understanding these hurdles prepares individuals for the administrative tasks ahead and sets them up for success in their new professional environment.

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