My Journey to Rescuing My Skin and Helping a Friend Do the Same

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Most folks struggle to find the right work-life balance in large cities and in this situation, small things that do not appear harmful or dangerous at first, get neglected. So, when I first came to realize the importance of the best natural soap it came as an eye opener for something I used to take for granted — my skin health.

I am fortunate to be blessed with a skin type that is generally healthy through all the seasons of the year and that was okay during my younger days when I did not care even for the best organic soap.

I was more interested in the conventional advertisements of bath soaps endorsed by glamourous movie stars and super models.

Today, in my mid-thirties and already a mother of two lovely children, I realized the importance of the best sensitive skin soap, when I began experiencing skin issues for the first time.

I still consider myself fortunate to have realized the mistake I had made in my younger days by using all those chemical-laden soaps and other products like body lotion for dry skin.

It has been barely four months now that I am using a top quality natural and herbal body soap and the results are already visible. Just about six months ago, an aunt who saw me after three years, was shocked to see how down and out I looked. Then a fortnight back an old college mate who met me after 12 years, complimented me for maintaining my looks.

My friend heard my story in complete silence

She looked at me with a great deal of admiration and said, “It’s amazing how you still look like a college-going girl even after becoming a mother of two children.”

I told her, “You would have been shocked if you saw me just six months ago just as my aunt was when she saw me for the first time after three years. If it wasn’t for the best natural soap that I found soon after, you too would have been shocked to see me now.”

She almost shrieked, “Oh God, what happened? Tell me everything.” We decided to sit in a nearby outdoor café for some cold coffee which we both loved in our younger days.

I explained to her how I neglected taking care of my skin and always chose the fancy chemical-laden soaps instead of the best organic soap that was available even then.

Hearing that she was even more surprised and said, “Really…we all thought your mom must be using some secret natural soap and skincare product.” We both had a good long laugh after that.

It was time for my aunt to get pleasantly surprised

My aunt usually visits her son, my cousin, who lives and works in Austria, every summer as the summer heat becomes unbearable here in Haryana, where she lives.

Just a week after I met my friend at the mall, my aunt called up to ask if I would be available in Gurugram as she wished to halt for a day at our house before taking the flight to Austria.

When she saw me she literally cried out in joy and then we hugged. She asked me, “How did you fix it dear?” and I told her the same story about the best sensitive skin soap that I had told my friend. “Is that all or did you use anything else?” she asked.

This time I told her about the special body lotion for dry skin made from natural and herbal ingredients and how well it worked on my skin. She winked and asked me, “Do you think it will work on me?” and I told her that she won’t know it untill she tries it.

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