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MSMEs are the growth accelerators of the Indian economy, serving as an engine of economic growth and supporting equitable development. Here are specific guidelines for registering as an MSME.

Micro, small, and medium-sized firms (MSMEs) may not have large turnovers, but their sheer numbers propel the Indian economy forward. MSMEs are classed according to their investments and annual turnover (see table below). To encourage more firms to enter the official sector, the Indian government made MSME registration online essential.

Benefits of MSME Registration

Registering your business can provide various benefits. Some of these include:

  • Get bank loans at the lowest interest rates (about 1-1.5 percent lower) with ease.
  • Take advantage of tax savings by taking credit for MAT (minimal alternate tax) for up to 15 years.
  • Concessions and rebates on establishing an industry or obtaining patents
  • Reimburse the ISO certification fees.
  • Registered MSMEs gain preference in government tenders.
  • State governments promote MSMEs.
  • Take advantage of government policies such as Credit Linked Capital Subsidy policies and Credit Guarantee Schemes.
  • Obtain priority sector loans from banks.
  • Get a bar code registration subsidy.
  • Concession on MSME electricity bills, with special consideration for International Trade Fairs.

Learn how to register your MSME online, including the process for new firms and those with EM-II.

You can register your MSME through the Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) portal. Here is how you can apply for MSME Udyam registration online:

Visit the MSME Udyam registration portal.

For new or unregistered enterprises, go to the first link – “For new entrepreneurs who are not yet registered as MSME or those with EM-II”.

Enter your Aadhaar number and name.

Then, tick the consent box and click the ‘Validate & Generate OTP’ button.

On the following page, provide information about your PAN and organization type. If you do not have a PAN, click the ‘No’ option.

Fill in the form’s remaining fields.

Enter the OTP that you received on To submit the form, enter your phone number and the verification code.

After successfully registering, you will see a “Thank You” message with your registration number.

MSME Registration Fees and Documents

The MSME registration process requires minimal documentation. All you need is your Aadhaar number. Details about your PAN- and GST-related investments and turnover will be automatically retrieved from government databases. You also do not have to pay any fees to register your MSME via the Udyam platform.

How to Download the MSME Registration Certificate

When your MSME is properly registered, you will be given a permanent registration number and an e-certificate. The MSME registration certificate does not require renewals because it is good for a lifetime unless terminated. It includes a dynamic QR code that connects to the Udyam portal, where you may view information about your company.

Please check your inbox and spam folder to see if You have obtained the certificate. However, if at any time you need to download the certificate, perform these steps:

Navigate to the Udyam Registration Portal.

Click the “Print/Verify” drop-down option in the top menu bar.

Click “Print Udyam Certificate”. If you have not previously logged in, this will take you to the login page.

Enter your Udyam registration information as well as your registered cellphone numbers.

Select your desired option in the third section and click “Validate & Generate OTP”.

Enter the OPT you received in the next area, then click “Validate OTP and Login”.

Your Udyam Certificate will appear on the following page. You can download or print it from here.

Register your MSMEs to accelerate their growth.

MSMEs significantly contribute to our country’s socioeconomic development. This sector contributes significantly to the creation of a large number of low-cost job opportunities. It also helps to address regional economic imbalances by industrializing and increasing income in rural areas. Register your print udyam certificate MSME  to reap the numerous perks that can propel your company to new heights.

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