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Finding the perfect perfume for you requires a lot more than just going to a perfume store. The fragrance you choose should be uplifting and one that matches your personality. Perfume is an invisible accessory that enhances your style, charm and character. Many men do not care about their perfume, they leave the choice to their wife, mother and generally to his luck. Each fragrance undoubtedly characterizes a man, moreover it is a smart sign of proof of a male who takes care of himself.

Also, it’s important to smell good every time you enter a space!

Of course there is a wide variety of perfumes on the market, but choosing a single Body Spray for Men will satisfy all these requirements is very necessary. So that your perfume is also your signature! 

Here’s how to choose the best fragrance for you.

The Korean language proficiency test only includes: General Korean (Standard TOPIK, S-TOPIK), which is divided into three levels (beginner, First don’t blindly buy a perfume that you smelled on someone else. Also the descriptions about the perfume notes they don’t determine whether a scent suits you or not.Each scent has its own character, however the scent you choose should say something about you and your personality.   

Try only 3-4 scents at a time.

If you have no idea what you like, smell everything. But, limit yourself to smelling only 3-4 fragrances per store visit. If you know the family of aromatic compositions that you like best, start with it. As long as you choose, among notes such as woody, oriental, aromatic, floral, fruity, fougere, cypress, leather, citrus scents or a combination of these.  

Taste the fragrance

Before making any purchase, try the perfume. Make sure you don’t have any other fragrances on you, such as shower gel, other perfume, even aftershave. Because this will affect the result of the final perfume. Do not spray it on your clothes, because clothes retain odors and there may be a smell left from another perfume or from spaces. E.g. cigarette, moisture, food, etc. The olfactory effect will not be the same. Do not test it on paper testers. The perfume must come into contact with your skin, only then you have a correct opinion whether a perfume suits you or not.  

How do you know if a perfume is ideal for you?

Always check the perfume you like before you buy it. Always test the fragrance on the inside of your wrists or the inside of your elbow. They are areas that are not washed often during the day, so you can check its performance, every 20 minutes or every hour to see if you like it or if it has the required duration on you. If a perfume in Eau de toilette form (i.e. without the extra booster dose of perfume oil) lasts up to 3-4 hours, this is a good sign to buy it because with the addition of extra perfume oil, its duration takes off and increases. 

Start with lighter scents first.

It is better to start with lighter scents first and then the heavier ones so that your sense of smell is not blocked from the beginning.

Take note of your skin type. Since your body’s chemistry can impact the scent of perfume You must know whether you have oily or dry skin, since this influences the longevity of your fragrance. The scent of dry skin is less lasting so you must have to try lotion for dry skin. If you suffer from an oily skin type, it’s an excellent option to select a scent with a higher amount of oil. You can also apply a body cream or dry oil that has similar scent to your routine which means that on hydrated skin, the scent is more lasting.

If you’re prone to an oily complexion, it can benefit the scent last longer. How we eat and exercise play a hugely crucial role in the length and intensity of scents.

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