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n today’s fast-paced world, flexibility and convenience are essential for effective learning. The Education Store offers online small group tuition for the ISEB exams, combining the benefits of personalized instruction with the flexibility of online learning.

Benefits of Small Group Tuition

Small group tuition provides a collaborative learning environment where students can interact with their peers, share ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences. Our online small group sessions are designed to maintain a low student-to-tutor ratio, ensuring that each student receives ample attention and support. This format encourages active participation and fosters a sense of community among learners.

Interactive and Engaging Sessions

Our online small group tuition sessions are interactive and engaging, making use of digital tools and resources to enhance the learning experience. Tutors use a variety of teaching methods, including live demonstrations, interactive quizzes, and group discussions, to keep students motivated and involved. By creating a dynamic and supportive online classroom, we help students stay focused and achieve their best.

11+ Maths and NVR Small Group Course

Mathematics and Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) are critical components of the 11+ exams, requiring a strong foundation and strategic problem-solving skills. The Education Store offers a specialized 11+ Maths and NVR Small Group Course to help students excel in these areas.

Focused Math Tuition

Our 11+ Maths tuition covers all key topics, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data handling. Tutors provide clear explanations, step-by-step guidance, and ample practice opportunities to help students master mathematical concepts. By focusing on problem-solving techniques and time management skills, we prepare students to tackle challenging math questions with confidence.

Non-Verbal Reasoning Strategies

Non-Verbal Reasoning assesses a student’s ability to analyze visual information and solve problems using logic and reasoning. Our NVR tuition includes practice with a variety of question types, such as sequences, patterns, and analogies. Tutors teach students effective strategies to approach these questions, improving their accuracy and speed.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Our small group course for Maths and NVR creates a collaborative learning environment where students can work together, share ideas, and learn from each other. This format encourages active participation and enhances the overall learning experience. With the support of their peers and expert guidance from tutors, students build confidence and competence in both subjects.

Tailored 11+ Preparation Courses

The Education Store offers tailored 11+ preparation courses designed to meet the unique needs of each student. Our courses provide comprehensive coverage of all subjects included in the 11+ exams, ensuring thorough preparation and boosting students’ chances of success.

Customized Learning Plans

We understand that every student has different strengths and weaknesses. Our tailored 11+ preparation courses begin with an initial assessment to identify each student’s specific needs. Based on this assessment, our tutors create customized learning plans that focus on areas for improvement, ensuring that each student receives targeted instruction.

Comprehensive Subject Coverage

Our 11+ preparation courses cover all key subjects, including English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Tutors provide detailed explanations, practice materials, and regular assessments to track progress and ensure mastery of each subject. By offering a balanced approach to learning, we prepare students to excel in all components of the 11+ exams.

Building Exam Confidence

One of the key benefits of our tailored 11+ preparation courses is building exam confidence. Our tutors provide students with plenty of practice opportunities, including mock exams and timed tests, to simulate the actual exam experience. By familiarizing students with the exam format and time constraints, we help them build the confidence and skills needed to perform well on the day of the exam.

Continuous Support and Feedback

At The Education Store, we believe in providing continuous support and feedback to our students. Our tutors are dedicated to helping students achieve their best, offering guidance, encouragement, and constructive feedback throughout the preparation process. We maintain regular communication with parents to keep them informed of their child’s progress and provide recommendations for further improvement.


The journey to academic success begins with the right preparation and support. At The Education Store, we are committed to providing expert tuition and tailored preparation courses for students preparing for the 11+, ISEB, 7+, 9+/10+ exams, and more. Our experienced tutors, comprehensive learning plans, and interactive teaching methods ensure that each student receives the personalized attention they need to excel. By choosing The Education Store, you are investing in your child’s future, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to achieve their academic goals. Explore our range of courses and discover how we can help your child succeed at The Education Store.

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