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Neha Hiranandani is a name that spells intelligence, sharpness, and audacity. This journey of an author, columnist, and advocate for urban issues and gender equity speaks volumes about the value of education, resilience, and commitment to social transformation.

Early life and education

Neha Jhalani Hiranandani was born into a rich family in Delhi as the daughter of businessman Pradeep Jhalani and his wife, Shabnam Jhalani. She was brought up in an environment that was both educated and supportive, thus preparing her adequately for her future pursuits. Her academic sojourn took her to top institutions across the globe, where she pursued English literature at Wellesley College before a master’s in education policy from Harvard University.

Career Beginnings

The inception of Neha Jhalani Hiranandani’s career focused on development issues, mainly education-related matters. While working with UNICEF, she cooperated with government officials and civic actors influencing Indian school system policies on education. It is not only what Neha learned about challenges within the educational system but also her passion for positive change-makers.

Writing and advocacy

Neha’s writing profession has been characterized by boldness towards subjects hardly touched upon in urban India. Her columns and books have dealt with topics such as eating disorders, broken homes, mental health illnesses, and unrecognized efforts made by females, among other things. The piece gets its authority from academic research from varied sources and personal reflections that make it easy to relate to.


The Darshan Hiranandani wife has been writing columns regularly for some of the most famous publications, such as the Indian Express, Huffington Post, Vogue, and NDTV. Her works combine wistful observational humor with a disarmingly honest attitude, becoming popular with audiences from all walks of life. Her columns address the expectation that women fit into a specific definition of beauty and the strain of tuition on children’s learning experiences.

Books and Literary Contributions

Neha Jhalani Hiranandani is known for her audacious pen. Her acclaimed writing, which has been inspiring women for years, can be witnessed in her national bestsellers, Girl Power and iParent.

Girl Power: Indian Women Who Broke the Rules

The national bestseller Girl Power narrates fifty inspiring stories about remarkable Indian women. It encompasses personalities ranging from scientists to artists, entrepreneurs to international sports stars—women who defied traditional expectations and played immense roles in developing their respective fields. The book has motivated young girls and boys, which is significant since it helps them overcome mental blocks due to a lack of role models.

“Girl Power!” stands out because of her painstaking selection of tales frequently left out or underrepresented in popular narratives. She explores the lives of women such as Chandro Tomar, the octogenarian sharpshooter known as “Revolver Dadi,” and Subhasini Mistry, a former maid who was awarded the Padma Bhushan for her services to healthcare.

iParent: Embracing Parenting in the Digital Age

In iParent, Neha Hiranandani deals with modern parents’ complications when raising children under the dominance of social media platforms or digital technologies. This writing offers parents insightful advice on navigating through online landscapes and promoting open discussions while using moderation in engaging with digital content. Among other things, Neha Jhalani Hiranandani highlights the benefits associated with filtering one’s feed on social media sites and calls for genuine communication between parents via this channel.

Empowering mothers and families

Neha’s work extends beyond her books and columns. She is a vocal advocate for empowering mothers and families through literature and practical advice. In many instances, her writing explores the dynamics of achieving work-life balance, giving insights into and reflections on the challenges faced by mothers who desire to excel both professionally and personally.

Educational Impact and Mental Health

Neha’s advocacy for stress-free learning environments reflects her education policy background and dedication to shaping young minds. She has exposed how the current education system has adverse effects because it emphasizes exam success while overloading private tuition. Her work is designed to establish safe environments that allow children to pursue their interests without hindrance and enjoy the learning process.

Personal Life and Global Perspective

The acclaimed writer has lived in Mumbai and Dubai, among other parts of the world. Her global perspective and her eye for detail have enriched her writing, enabling her to offer a unique angle on issues concerning urban dwellings or top-class society. Neha’s personal experiences and academic and professional qualifications make her an authentic writer whose voice resonates with numerous individuals.

The story of Neha Jhalani Hiranandani is one of inspiration and impact. In urban studies, gender equality, and even education, she has contributed significantly through writing, advocating, and social change commitment areas. Her unflinching addressing of unsaid matters and her passion for empowering moms have made Neha a leading figure in modern literature and social activism. Many still look up to what she does, which inspires them when navigating parenthood, education, or life at large.

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