In order to be successful in the import export industry, you need to know how to find and retain customers

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How To Find and Keep Customers For Import Export Business

The first step in developing successful international commerce is to identify your target customers for import-export business. The target customers are the potential buyers of the goods and services you’re selling. Business owners need to find long-term customers for import-export business and ways to maintain old buyers for longer. To expand the business and generate revenue, you need to look out for foreign markets and worldwide expansion opportunities. In the era of globalization, you have to find ways to find clients on the foreign stage and keep your business developing and expanding. Let’s start with the journey of finding and keeping customers for import-export business.

Ways to Get Customers for Import-Export Business

There are several ways a business owner can employ to find and maintain potential customers for import-export business in the market. With the advent of new technology, social and digital media can also be utilised to expand the business. You can also rely on the traditional ways to get customers for import-export business. Here is a list of some reliable marketing strategies to attract customers for import-export business and maintain the steady growth of the trading firm:

Use of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing or online marketing has become an engaging and interactive form of communication. You can utilize this platform to reach international clients in the digital sphere. One can also use banners or online advertisements to bring potential customers for import-export business on board. These advertisements and communication websites are cost-effective and will help to connect with a diverse audience. Digital marketing can become a link between the seller and customers for import-export business. Through Mails, blogs and social media applications the opportunities for expanding import-export business in digital marketing are endless. 

Meeting Clients Personally 

Meeting the potential or long-term customers for import-export business can help to strengthen trust and confidence in the trading and the products. This traditional way of finding and keeping customers is still considered to be reliable and effective. The business owners though, are required to use the strategy for big potential prospects only. You need to listen and understand your clients. With the meetings, you can get to know the demands and common things of both parties.

Finding Buying Agent

The market strategy to find and keep customers for import-export business will take you to foreign agencies and buying agents. They are agents in different countries who are seeking out businesses. Getting in touch with these agents can provide a great way to contact the state-sponsored trading companies. After finding the countries you want to work with and the relevant agencies of that country, you can start researching them on the websites. Look for localities or regional representatives, and ask for contact information for their buying agents. Verify that the person you’re dealing with is an official representative who has power for decision-making under the agency. These agents can help in connecting the relevant sellers with the potential customers for import-export business.

Deal with Foreign Wholesalers

One can use both state-managed agencies and private companies from other countries to export to or import from. The working of these companies is quicker and simpler in comparison to the traditional navigation ways. These companies can be expensive or can decrease profit margins but make the work easy and efficient for the business. It is to make sure that you research to confirm the legitimacy and reputation of these companies, before starting relationships with them.

Hire an Internal Salesperson

The process of managing both client acquisition and business operations on your own can be difficult and complex. It can depend on your preference either to work with other companies’ salespeople or to consider hiring an internal salesperson. These salespersons can dedicate valuable time to establishing new business relationships for your company. They can work exquisitely with all of the groups and agents we’ve discussed above. They can even seek out persons or companies who want to work in the direct B2C world to sell your products. Hiring an internal salesperson can be helpful in effective communication between the firm and customers for import-export business.

Attend Trade Fair and Seminars

One may also consider attending virtual or actual trade fairs and seminars to find and keep customers for import-export business. These events include large groups of potential customers for import-export businesses and marketers on the international stage. One can connect with the potential customers, gain immersive ideas on marketing and maintain a positive reputation for the business. Register yourself and look out for the right opportunity to engage with promising customers for the import-export business. One can build positive and beneficial relationships with potential customers for import-export business. 


In the era of globalisation, reaching and working in the international market can be a way for the successful expansion of the import-export business. The business owners and hired salespersons should be on the lookout for the target audience and potential customers for the import-export business. The exporting business owners should know about various schemes, incentives and certificates in commerce. In India, the regional authority issues an EODC Online (Export Obligation Discharge Certificate) to authorise the exporter as proof of completion. One will have a leading business development by utilising the given ways to find and keep customers for import-export business. Human skills such as online marketing, behavioural psychology, public speaking, and communication are very important for business owners and salespersons in expanding business.

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