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Imagine yourself painting on a canvas. Others cannot visualize the picture that you have in your mind to recreate on the canvas. Now replace your imagination with your dream University in UAE. If you want to enter the University, you need to be good at flicking the paintbrush. Then, admission essays for Universities become your canvas where you show your talents to meet your imagination of studying in UAE. But how to do it? Don’t fret. You can always get admission essay writing help.

Studying overseas is a decision that involves a lot of contemplation as you will have to face many challenges. But Universities in UAE are foreign student-friendly. UAE tops the list of Arban countries in terms of educating inbound students. UNESCO Institute of Statistics revealed that the UAE had 34,122 inbound students as of 2014.

Now, since you are going to pursue an MBA in UAE Universities, let’s see the admission process of the course.

Major Requirements of MBA Admission In UAE

1. There are two courses of MBA in UAE. MBA International Business (morning) and MBA International Business (evening/weekend).

2. MBA admission in UAE requires a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, 3-8 years of work experience and proficiency in English.

3. You must also submit GMAT scores which should be 550+. If not, then appear for UAE Universities’ entrance examination.

4. You have to appear for an interview with the MBA admission committee.

5. You must submit all the required documents supporting your identity, academic scores, work experience and IELTS scores.

6. Along with the documents, you have to upload an admission essay too.

UAE Universities provide one of the best business course learning. So if you are going to UAE for an MBA, you are on the right track. But without essay writing or the use of essay writing services, you might face roadblocks. So focus on the points below about admission essays.

How to Write an Admission Essay?

An admission essay is your exhaustive introduction to the admission committee of a University. It is about your achievements, goals and exceptional talents. In an admission essay, you must include your achievements throughout your journey till now. The main aim of an admission essay is to present yourself to the admission committee in a manner that it is convinced about your suitability to the University.

So, yeah, the competition is tough. But taking admission essay writing help can show you the right direction. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while writing an admission essay.

1. Meet the vision of the University

Before writing an admission essay, you must do extensive research on your desired University. Different Universities have different visions and missions. In fact, they also differ in terms of culture. So you need to know all these factors to tailor your essay to fit into the requirements of the University.

2. Clear and concise writing style

As mentioned above, admission essays showcase your writing and communication skills. The admission committee too wants to examine how effectively you can present yourself. Remember, the secret to a good writing style that is both engaging and expressive is simple language.

Write smaller sentences which are clear and concise, avoid using jargon, and make it structured and well-organised. Just keep in mind the perspective of the admission committee and what ideas it will get after reading your essay. Admission easy writing service can guide you about the formats and language of the essay.

3. Flaunt your achievements

As a student aiming to study overseas, you must have collected accolades that make you a distinct candidate. In the admission essay, jot down all your achievements- from academic to extracurricular.

However, make sure that your achievements are in line with the course you are pursuing. Focus more on those that make you the perfect candidate for an MBA. For example, pursuing an MBA will require exceptional achievement in business administration. You will also have to show your work experience and how it molded your perspective towards international Business. Then, IELTS, GMAT and Graduation scores should also be mentioned with a brief about how they were crucial to your dreams and vision for the future.

Essay writing for MBA admission will guide you in shortlisting the achievements and organising them.

4. Show your passion for MBA

Universities of UAE look for students who are ambitious and driven towards achieving something. So in your essay, flaunt your passion for MBA. Talk

about why you chose that degree and how you will use it to create an impact in the future.

5. Revision and meeting the requirements

Do Not submit an admission essay without a proper revision. Check for grammar or punctuation errors. Make sure that you meet the requirements of the University like word count, format or more. You can ask your friends, families or admission essay writing help to proofread your essay and provide feedback.

Format Of Admission Essay For MBA In UAE Universities

The basic format of an admission essay is a strong opening, a lengthy and exhaustive body and a cumulative conclusion about your suitability in the UAE’s educational system. There is no need to add a title if it exceeds the required word limit. However, the format of admission essays may vary with colleges. Through proper research, you can get an idea about the format followed in the Universities of UAE.

However, you can either refer to write my admission essay services or follow these guidelines

1. Talk about why you chose the UAE out of all the countries to pursue an MBA. You can mention the speciality UAE Universities which have been described at the beginning of the article.

2. Talking about knowledge, you must also mention some UAE-specific facts that inspire you. It can be a professor’s contribution, a research that inspired you to pursue an MBA from UAE or a general idea of how the Universities function in UAE.

3. Lastly, mention how you will use the degree of MBA to contribute to the already rich culture of UAE. For this, you will have to conduct proper research about the business industry of UAE and find the gap that you can address through your MBA.


So that’s how you can write an admission essay for MBA admission in UAE. Be confident while writing the essay so that the confidence is channalised into the essay too. If you have dreamt about something, don’t leave any stone unturned in achieving it. Living your dream is much better than daydreaming about it. If these tips don’t help you, you can always seek guidance from essay writing service. So what are you waiting for? Grab your notepad and start jotting down a fabulous MBA admission essay. You are just an essay away from your dreams.

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