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Graduation session is here that implies students will be in a frenzy of applying for jobs after as a means to secure their first job when they first roll out of college. So, if you are searching to start your career, or have been in the labor markets for over a decade there is one thing that every person is agreed upon. Creating a resume that gains the attraction of recruiters is a challenge. But then do not worry in this article we will tell you how you can write an amazing resume in just quick steps with the help of Chat GPT.

How to write a Resume with Chat GPT in simple steps?

You can utilize Chat GPT to create plenty of ideas and as well bullet points for your job from scratch. Or you can improve and enhance present points that are not hitting the marks. Away from the bullet points, the AI tool can answer all of your questions about placing together your resume. Below are the vital steps are as follows to obtain you get started.

1. Select a resume template

You can easily create your resume with the help of Chat GPT. But then you will need to choose the template first before writing. The program you are utilizing to write your CV such as Google Docs; Microsoft word or Canvas will possibly have a resume template already. If you struggling to select an ideal template, then contact the best CV writing services in UAE. And they will support you in selecting the best template. You can also search in Google there is a wide range of templates accessible on the internet.

2. Add Text

If you want Chat GPT to create texts for your resume from scratch, all you have to do is ask from the Chat GPT.  So, if you want to write it professional summary or an individual bullet you need to ask it directly. Even though Chat GPT can create content ready to be copied and pasted into a CV.  You must tweak the text and add your expertise so that it does not look like it was written by the Chabot. 

On the other hand, bosses wish to learn about what makes you unique from other applicants. Hence without your help and guidance, Chat GPT only has access to general content about your position.  You can also utilize the custom instructions feature as a means to share some details about your role and interests that Chat GPT could place to create the text.  

3. Utilize Chat GPT to Make Over Your Text

If you fill in the template yourself before utilizing a Chat GPT assistance. Or you have a present CV that you need to improve, in that case, Chat GPT is a valuable source for refining your text. However, there are wide range of CV-making services accessible in the market you can reach out to them. And ask them for their support. These services normally have a great team of CV writers who can aid you in writing a CV from scratch. So, all you need to do is copy and paste your text and then ask Chat GPT to create it better. When you obtain your result, you can every time ask Chat GPT to tweak it to add prompts such as. ‘’ Create it shorter ‘’ Or Can you add extra details? ‘’

4. Enter Your Expertise 

Now it is the time for you to create your resume personally. Utilize every of the info you have piled up and then feed into your next prompts for Chat GPT. You can have 2 choices here. You can either paste your whole content for your CV into Chat GPT. Or you can point out the most vital bits in the prompt as a means to keep things to the point.  You can also save your usefulness by hiring the best CV writing services in UAE.  And then your resume will be done in quick time.

5. Enter Info About The Hiring Company

To ensure your resume is targeted as likely. So you will need to add the name of the company itself. You can begin by asking Chat GPT exactly what you are going to do. Let the Chat GPT know that you are going to become offering more info about the firm that’s hiring. And as well add some basic info about the company such as the name of the company and as well its basic purpose. Moreover, you can also paste the information of the company from its About Us page. And then create your prompt rich as likely. Or you can employ trustworthy CV-making services to create stunning resumes from scratch. This service also offers you AI reports. 

6. Edit and refine your resume

When you have finished every step, the Chat GPT creates a tough resume for you. On the other hand, it might look good. But then there are certain things you need to and make your CV from error. And ensure it will not be written by the chatbot. These steps are as follows.

1. Edit the format

2. Use Active tense

3. Examine the content 

4. Watch out for generic language

5. Include contact details

6. Select a template 

Why must you write Chat GPT to write your resume?

Below are the two reasons why it could be a great idea to utilize Chat GPT to write your resume.

1. Save Time

Creating a resume could seem like a time-consuming and tough practice. Mostly when you are trying to adapt it to a certain job description. So, Chat GPT can make more efficient this practice and save you a lot of time.

2. Save money

Since Chat GPT Is coming. You can easily utilize it to create a quality resume saving you a lot of money.

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