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Do you have several duplicate EML files stored in various directories? Do you want those duplicates to be located and eliminated? If so, this post will provide you with the answer. We’ll demonstrate a speedy way to remove identical EML files from numerous directories at once in this section.


The file type known as “Electronic Mail,” or EML, allows users to keep emails locally. Emails with essential information can be stored as EML files. (email addressee and sender, date, subject, body of message, attachments, etc.).

The majority of desktop email applications manage a user’s emails using EML files and support them. Every email in the user’s profile is copied by the email client. Each email is saved by such email clients in a distinct EML file on the user’s local storage.

Since many of us use email programs that store messages in the EML format, duplicate files can eventually build up in local disk folders.

Reasons for Duplicate EML Files

There are a variety of reasons why duplicate EML files exist in directories. The following are some typical reasons why EML files duplicate:

  • Email Client Glitches: Issues with the email client can result in EML files being created.
  • Importing and exporting data: Users can export emails from their customized email profile to various folders. Also, while importing some external emails into the email profile or client,.
  • Network or server issues: Duplicate EML files can also be caused by connection issues between email clients and mail servers. The email client saves numerous copies of the same email as EML files.

How to Remove the Same EML Files from Various Folders

It might be challenging and time-consuming to locate and Remove Similar EML files from Multiple folders one at a time. In order to complete this task more effectively, use automated solutions such as GainTools EML Duplicate Remover Software.

It will assist users of all kinds in getting rid of duplicate EML files from numerous folders that include identical email addresses. It provides customers with a more dependable method of eliminating EML duplicates with its several intelligent features.

How Can Identical EML Files Be Removed from Several Folders at Once?

To delete identical EML files from separate folders, download the EML Duplicate Remover software for Windows and follow the instructions below:

  • On your PC, install and start the EML Duplicate Remover tool.
  • Select the file-adding mode by pressing the Select EML/EMLX folder button:

Select EML File: To import particular EML files from a folder, select them.

Choose an EML Folder: Choose and open a folder that has several subfolders and contains several EML files.

  • Select the EML files or folders to load and click the Next button.
  • Select EML files to preview emails from, and begin the EML folder/file scanning procedure.
  • Decide which directories to eliminate duplicate EML files from.
  • Click the Remove Duplicate EML button, then choose the necessary choice from the ensuing screen.

Select an EML duplicate removal mode from the list of choices. Look for and eliminate duplicate EML files from the folder.

Examine and eliminate redundant EML files from a few chosen folders.

Select a location to store the files that are left behind after eliminating duplicate EML files.

Choose a naming convention from the ten different possibilities on the list.

Choose one of the email filter options: “by date,” “from,” or “to.” (In compliance with the mandate.).

  • Lastly, merely click the Convert button to begin simultaneously deleting duplicate EML files from several folders.

EML Duplicate Remover Software Key Advantages 

  • Remove Duplicate EML from Folder: Gain the power to remove EML files from folders that contain exactly the same email information.
  • Delete duplicates across all chosen directories: This command removes duplicate EML files simultaneously from several folders.
  • There are two ways to add EML: either add a whole folder with subfolders containing EML files, or insert one or more EML files from a folder to get rid of duplicates.
  • Eliminate duplicate EML files from chosen folders: Choose particular folders from the loaded directories and remove duplicate files from those folders alone.
  • Email Preview from EML Files: Use the program to see loaded EML Files’ emails in their entirety before eliminating duplicates.
  • Self-select a saving location: After eliminating EML duplicates, specify a drive path on which to save the generated files.
  • Eliminating duplicates without causing data loss: The program never modifies the original or source EML files. (Creates new EML files in the user-specified destination folder without duplication.)
  • Preserve complete email information: preserve the emails in resultant EML files with all their relevant information, like recipient and sender email addresses, dates, subjects, message body, attachments, etc.
  • All EML/EMLX files’s support: The software supports the removal of duplicate EML/EMLX files that originate from any email client or application, including Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc.
  • Available for all Windows versions: The user can safely run this software on computers working on any version of Windows OS—Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and older.


Several EML file duplicates in the user drives or storage folders of the email client might lead to a number of issues. Users need to remove similar EML files from separate folders in order to avoid those issues. The aforementioned method is ideal for all users who wish to complete this task quickly, easily, and safely. You can quickly remove identical EML files from several folders at once by using the above procedure.

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