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Renowned universities are dispersed around the United Kingdom, where students from hundreds of nations endeavour to realise their aspirations of pursuing higher education. Because the nation is so big, it can occasionally be difficult to get housing near the university in Stirling where one is enrolled. To get to their university and other locations in the city, students in the UK always use public transport, bicycles, or foot travel. Having a car of one’s own is advantageous since it allows for easy, efficient, and comfortable travel from private student accommodation in Stirling to college/university. Even though many students have a driver’s licence that is registered in their home nation, they will eventually need one to drive in the UK. We have provided information on the prerequisites, application process, test-taking strategies, and other topics to assist these students in obtaining a UK driving licence. 

Requirements for International Students to Obtain a UK Driving Licence 

Driving in the country is not as complicated as all the formalities suggest, but some laws and guidelines must be followed. To freely drive anywhere in the United Kingdom from your Stirling student accommodation, a few necessities are as follows: 

  • A current, valid driver’s licence 
  • Insurance coverage is required. 
  • The second-hand car has to be registered under the owner’s name. 
  • The second-hand car needs to have a current road tax. 

Driving while ineligible or without a valid licence is considered a criminal violation in the UK and may result in the cancellation of one’s auto insurance.  

The legal prerequisites for international students to obtain a UK driving licence are stated below: 

  • It is necessary to be older than 17 years. 
  • Must be able to read a licence plate at a distance of twenty metres. 
  • Must provide documentation proving they have lived in the nation for six months within the past twelve months. 
  • In general, foreign students studying in the nation and living at a student housing in Stirling are permitted to drive with an international driving permit or a valid driving licence from their home nation, as long as it is acknowledged by the UK. 

Documents Needed to Get a Driving Licence in the UK 

The first step to driving a car in the UK is for international students to apply for a provisional driving licence. The DVLA website is the place to apply for a provisional licence, and it’s a quick and simple process. The following list of documentation is needed for international students to obtain a driving licence in the United Kingdom:

  • Identifying documents like a passport 
  • Address proof of the places lived in for the past three years 
  • Contact information 
  • Although it is not required, supplying one’s National Insurance Number (NIN) is an optional extra step that aids with ID verification.  
  • The process of obtaining a driving licence involves mailing identity documents, a passport-style photograph, and a return envelope to the DVLA office unless the applicant holds a British passport.  

The UK Exam for Foreign Student Driver Licences 

There are two parts to the test for an overseas student’s UK driving licence: the theory portion and the practical portion. You can prepare for it comfortably at your student apartments in Stirling. 

Three books: The Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs, and Driving – The Essential Skills—are required reading for the theoretical test. You may find them at your local bookstore, and the best way to get ready is to register for practice exams, which will help you comprehend and become more accustomed to the format of the examination. After completing your preparation to a suitable level, you can schedule a session on the DVLA website, provide the information about your provisional driver’s licence, and pay £23 to complete the process.  

The practical test is the next to come. If they fulfil the standards listed on the DVLA website, they can opt to learn to drive with a friend or family member or hire a driving instructor who has been approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (VSA). It is necessary to confirm that the car being used for instruction is insured and has two Ls—one on the front and one on the back of the vehicle. Ultimately, a test slot can be reserved on the internet by filling out the form with their instructor’s information and choosing a time and location for the test.  

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