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Images are also known as a wealth of information. Sometimes you have to take out the information from the picture. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology used to extract text from the picture. If you find the problem in extracting the text then you are in the right place. Here in this blog, I will tell you how to extract the text from the images with the manual and automated solution.

Reasons to Extract the Text from the Picture

  1. Many historical documents, manuscripts, and printed materials exist only in tangible form. Extract the text from images allows for the digitalization of these documents and making them for searching and reading in libraries.
  2.  By converting text within images into searchable text, users can easily find the data within huge amounts of files. This increases the research efficiency and saves valuable time 
  3.  Extraction of text from pictures can increase accessibility for people with reading or vision difficulties. 
  4. A variety of data mining and natural language processing methods can be used to examine text that has been retrieved from photographs. This makes it possible for academics, companies, and organizations to use textual data for analysis purposes like sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and trend identification.

How to Extract the Text from the Images Manually 

Here are the following steps to extract the text manually are

  1. Open the image on your computer device.
  2. Type out the text and transcribe it.
  3. Check out the text whether you have written wrong or right with all the spelling symbols or punctuation. 
  4. Save the text in a suitable format like Word or PowerPoint.
  5. Repeat these steps for other images also.

What are the Limitations of Extracting the Text Manually? 

  1. Manual extraction  of text can be a slow process  especially when there is large amounts of text are there which need a lot of human effort
  2. There is a  risk of typing  errors, spelling mistakes, and  symbols during manual typing
  3. The accuracy and efficiency of manual extraction of text depend upon the skills and focus of individual person in detail. 
  4. Sometimes it is very challenging to analyze cursive handwriting 

How to Extract the Text from the Images with the Expert Solution

Third-party software can also be used for How to extract the text from the image. The SysTools Image Converter is one of the most powerful tools that Copy text from the picture 

 Steps to copy text from the images are

  1. Download>>Install>>Open the program on your machine. 
  2. Select the photos using the add folder option.
  3. From the destination select the convert option. Additionally, you can the file location
  4. Preview the image before the conversion process and click on the next button
  5. In the setting change the select export format to text (base64).
  6. Click on the convert button to extract the text from the image.
  7. Now, all the file text has been extracted.

Note – Sometimes you need to extract the watermark before conversion you can use SysTools PDF watermark remover.


We have discussed how to extract the text from the images. Although extracting the text from the images may seem like a difficult task, it can actually be an easy process with accurate preparation, planning, and execution. Manual methods are very time-consuming and there is a very less chance of 100% accuracy whereas expert solutions increase productivity and you can easily extract the text from the images.

Frequently asked question 

  1. Can I extract the text from the images without using software?

    Yes, you can extract the text from the picture using Manually transcribing the text by typing it out is the simplest solution.
  2. Is there any way to improve the accuracy in the manual solution?

    Yes, you can improve the accuracy using Zoom in on the image for a clearer view, and check for errors.
  3.  In what format can I save the extracted text?

    You can save the text in various formats such as .txt, .docx, or .pdf and other File format.

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