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Export Thunderbird Emails on Android

Are you also a Thunderbird user who wants to export Thunderbird Emails on android. Then you are at the right place. So, here we will provide you with the solutions to achieve this task. Talking about Thunderbird it is an open source email client platform for managing emails, calendars, Tasks etc. There would be various reasons that you need to see your emails particularly on android devices. Nowadays phones are a necessity which users have with themselves that is the reason why Thunderbird users want to export their Thunderbird Emails on Android devices so that they can view it anytime. Here we will give you the manual and automated approach to accomplish the task.

How to Export Thunderbird Emails on Android using Manual method?

So, there is only one way in which you can export your emails on android from Thunderbird. Follow these steps listed below:

  1. Open Thunderbird application.
  2. Right click on the necessary folder.
  3. Choose Import Export NG Tools >> Export all messages in folder >> PDF format option.
  4. Choose the path and click on the “Save” button to save the data in the desired location.

Limitations of using Manual Methods

  1. It provides Limited control for the migration process while using a manual approach.

    2. Users have to follow the same procedure for each email to export Thunderbird Emails on android.

    3. As, using this method you will not be able to download multiple emails in bulk at once.

    4. You can go with this method only when you have installed the Thunderbird application in your machine.

    5.There is also a security concern when you sync your Thunderbird account with IMAP settings where it will ask to fill your credentials like your email address etc.

    Export Thunderbird Emails on Android using Automated Methods

    In this method the tool which is searched as SysTools Thunderbird converter simplifies the process of exporting Thunderbird emails on Android devices. It has its user-friendly interface and provides additional features to make it more useful.

    Step 1. Download and Install Thunderbird Converter:

    • Launch the Thunderbird converter Tool in your system.
    • Choose the Thunderbird Folder which you want to export to android.

    Step 2. Select the Output format:

    • Select the Output Format which is supported by android devices like mostly PDF is used to export the file into. As it can export to many formats according to your need.
    • Specify the desired folder where you want to save the exported file.

    Step 3. Convert Thunderbird Emails:

    • Start the conversion process by just clicking on the “convert” button.
    • The Thunderbird converter tool will convert your chosen file into your output format.
    • Also, ensure compatibility with your android devices.

    Advantages of Using Automated Methods

    • It can effortlessly export Thunderbird emails on android in bulk.
    • It gives a lot of options to convert your Thunderbird email into multiple file formats which supports android devices.
    • There is no risk of any kind of data loss as you can convert large amounts of emails efficiently.
    • It can export 25 emails per folder with ease without much time.
    • It gives a file naming option to manage the data.


    As in this complete guide we have gone through how to export Thunderbird emails on android by using manual and automated methods. We recommend you to go with an automated tool which is SysTools Thunderbird converter which is a reliable solution and provides multiple features which is useful for the users who rely on their emails while on the move. It allows you to get connected wherever you go.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q) How to add Thunderbird email to an Android phone?

    You don’t have this. There is no version of Thunderbird for phones and tablets. Your phone should have come with an email client installed. Use that or download one from the Play Store.

    Q) How to access Thunderbird email from mobile?

    To start with, download and install any automated tool software on your smartphone. On the screen that appears, you can find all the Thunderbird data. Finally, click the Convert icon to start the process. Now, it will transfer your Thunderbird account data to your Gmail account.

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