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A lot about Facebook certification has changed. On the web, information on the subject is not always up to date. That being said, this is why I suggest you take a look at this famous certification in its professional aspect. However, there is a way to gain favor with Facebook’s algorithm. Let’s see together how to obtain this certification. If you want to get certification in very quick time or want to grow yourself or your page then you need to buy Facebook followers. Buy Facebook followers and likes is one best and top rated site where you can buy followers, likes, views and subscribers for your social media accounts. You have also chance to get real YouTube Subscribers through same shop for your YouTube channel.

What is a Facebook certification?

Facebook certification allows you to prove the authenticity of a Facebook page or profile. You can request it whenever you want (under certain conditions, which we will cover later).
In practice, your website will then be assigned a blue badge, visible to all. It can also unlock certain tools for your profile or page.This will mean that Facebook has verified your profile/page as well as your identity and the existence of your business or your own person, if you represent it. 

The benefits of getting a Facebook certification:

  • Better reference your page:

The most obvious and popular result of Facebook certification is the fact that it directly improves your Facebook SEO. People searching for keywords related to your page will see that you rank higher in search results compared to other similar pages without certification.
Keep in mind that generating more visibility means more interaction, and therefore, obviously more profit!

  • Protect your identity:

Sometimes you may have made fun of profiles with the suffix “official” in their pseudonyms! This seems a bit artificial or over-the-top.
However, these suffixes are designed to prevent fraud. When Facebook sees a “John Smith” profile, it doesn’t block it, because it already exists
The names exist and are naturally tolerated, hence the fact that he must have a few thousand John Smiths on Facebook!

  • The branded content tool:

Branded content tools are the ultimate benefit of certifying your page. This tool is especially useful if you are an influencer of a business partner.When you publish sponsored content and display products, you and your partners will have access to publishing statistics. Views, clicks, shares: you will have an overall understanding of the success of the partnership.If you want to earn income through Facebook and partnerships, we highly recommend getting certified.

Blue badge or gray badge?

If you go back to the beginning of this article, you will see that I am only talking about the blue badge.However, when browsing social media, you will of course notice the gray badge on the page of a certain company or organization.

In fact, the badge comes in two colors:

  • Blue badges are used to confirm identity verification for public figures, media companies or brands.
  • A gray badge that is used to prove that the page belongs to the company or organization indicated by its name.

Unfortunately, since the end of October 2019, this gray badge is no longer available. According to Facebook, this caused users more confusion than anything else! From now on, only the blue badge can be requested! And generally speaking, certification is no longer applicable for everyone apart from:

  • Celebrity
  • Renowned athletes
  • Elected politicians,
  • Leisure brand
  • Public media.

Is it easy to get the Facebook badge?

Even if you fall into the categories above, getting Facebook certified is not that easy!Before you submit your application, there are a few things you need to make sure will translate to your advantage.First, you will need a name that matches the rules that Facebook prohibits. Therefore, avoid taking risks be clear, concise and serious! The name must exactly match the documents you can provide to prove your identity or affiliation with a certain brand.Also make sure your page makes a good impression:

  • Appropriate photos and cover images.
  • Up-to-date, concise description.
  • The possibility of subscribing to the public.
  • The page cannot be in “draft” mode.

How to apply for Facebook certification?

To request a verification badge, you must complete this form. You will need to provide a copy of your ID if this is a page in your name. If it’s an organization, it should be a little more complicated. It may be necessary to submit invoices, articles of association, certificate of establishment or other things… Of course, everything must be in digital form! In the form, you will explain why you need to certify your account. Indeed, you will have to prepare a short argumentative text and have a justification to obtain this badge.
Getting your Facebook page or profile certified has many benefits. With this little badge of authenticity, you will gain SEO, security and you will build a bond of trust with your audience as well as with your partners. You can also access very useful pages or configuration file management tools. You will also benefit from improving your SEO, the loyalty of your community… which will improve your online reputation and help you move forward with your business.
In conclusion, please note that if your application is rejected, you can resend it in 30 days. Be patient !

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