How to Backup and Export Emails from Google Workspace?

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Backup Emails from Google Workspace

Data has so much importance that a loss of it or inaccessibility can make a huge difference in the organization or even an individual workflow. Google Workspace, despite the cloud-based productive suite, is not isolated from such events. Various circumstances can impact the user data which is stored in the Google Workspace, and we will discuss them. Only thing which saves user data is to backup Google Workspace emails regularly. 

Here, we will provide you with some of the backup solutions that will allow you to create a backup of your Google Workspace mailboxes.

Solution to backup Google Workspace emails 

To backup the emails from the Google Workspace mailboxes, users will have several options. However, here, we have showcased some of them, which makes it easier for users to export emails from Google Workspace to PST files. So, check out the following few backup solutions.

1# Google Takeout

This is one of the most widely used methods to backup Google Workspace emails because it is a free utility offered by Google. To see how you can make use of it to backup your data, kindly check the below:

  • Login to Google Takeout with the use of the signing credentials.
  • Here, by default, all the services have been selected, so kindly deselect them and choose only the required service.
  • In the delivery method, set the frequency to export the data, such as once every two months. 
  • After selecting, click on the create export button. Once the backup progress gets started, then you can see the export status.
  • Users will also get a notification after the completion of the process and will also receive the link to download the data.

This method, which we have explained to backup Google Workspace email, has many disadvantages. Users will not have any option to export selective data. It also consumes more time if the size of the user data is large. Admin may often encounter errors like Google Takeout not working while taking the backup.

So, to get rid of the problem user can look to use the below-listed solution.

2# Third-party tool

As multiple users have concern regarding the capability of Google Takeout to backup Google Workspace emails, the use of third-party backup software is the best alternative to adopt. They make it easier for users to easily backup their data because of the more advanced capabilities and GUI. 

Shoviv G Suite backup tool is the most recommended solution, which comes with so many functionalities. This software gives an option to users for adding their multiple mailboxes at once and also to create multiple backup jobs. It also provides an option to schedule the backup at different times, which include daily, weekly, and monthly.

There is also no limitation on adding several mailboxes of any size. It allows to export emails from Google Workspace to PST and other file formats like MBOX, MSG, OST, etc. Users can also set the timer for the item to process, and if any item breaches the pre-defined time, then the tool will exclude them. 

Also, the tool comes with the by-default incremental backup facility, which is responsible to process newer data when the user resumes the stopped process. 

Wrap up

Backing up the required data is the need of almost all users. Taking a backup of the Google Workspace data at regular intervals is the only solution left out for the user if they want to full proof the security of their data. So, the solutions discussed here help users a lot to backup Google Workspace emails and users can quickly go through them to check their efficiency.

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