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how do i convert olm to pdf in bulk

Are you trying to find a way to convert OLM to PDF in bulk? If so, your search is over right now. This article will explain one of the simplest and most straightforward methods for converting OLM files to PDF format with attachments. Thus, keep reading the article if you want to save OLM messages in PDF file format without any issues.


One of the most popular choices for desktop-based email client apps is Outlook for Mac (.olm). Manage their personal data, both individuals and businesses use it. All of their mailbox data is saved there in OLM file format. It can save all items like contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, and so on.

Even so, PDF has consistently been an excellent file format for storing data, including legal and corporate information. Because of this, some users convert data from different file types to PDF format. It’s really simple and straightforward to change files in the common file format to PDF documents. What would happen though if someone needed to change OLM files to PDF file format? Is it also easy and simple? We’ll shortly get the results.

Manual Technique to Convert OLM to PDF

If you’ve an orphan OLM file, you must first import it using the import and export feature before we can convert it to PDF.

  1. Launch Outlook for Mac and convert OLM to PDF file from there.
  2. To save the file, first double-click the email you want to save.
  3. Now under the “File” menu, pick the “Print” option from the list.
  4. A window will appear and select the “Save as PDF” option.
  5. Next, type the file’s name and choose a destination before clicking the “Save” button.

Drawbacks of Traditional Method

  • You must have Outlook for Mac installed on your computer.
  • Also, you must repeatedly repeat the process for each email.
  • There is no possibility to save OLM in bulk to PDF.
  • Number One Solution for Converting OLM Files to PDF

At present, saving Mac OLM files to PDF file format is a few-click process. There are multiple solutions available, both offline & online. However, the drawback of the program online is the safety and modification of data. We’ve feedback from users who tried an online method and lost their database.

So, if you need 100% exact and correct results with all details kept, download and use CubexSoft OLM to PDF Converter Tool. It’s an advanced and trusted solution to fix the issue of how to change OLM file to PDF along with attachments. And, there is no chance of data loss. Moreover, it provides a free trial edition which permits you to convert the first 25 items from each selected folder without cost.

How Do I Convert OLM to PDF in Bulk? – Instant Working Method

Launch OLM File Converter on your local machine.

Now, you’ve dual options to load OLM mailbox data. Hit on Select Files (s) to pick the required Mac OLM files and Select Folder (s) to pick the desired Outlook for Mac (.olm) folder. Then, press Next to save OLM file as PDF.

Here, you can see your opted OLM Data, check that to continue the procedure.

Then, select PDF as the necessary file type from the Select Saving Options list.

Change the final result saving place by going to the Folder-like icon. By default, the tool saves the results to the desktop.

Select the File Naming Option to manage PDF files systematically according to date, time, and year. Pick any if necessary.

Finally, hit the Convert tab to begin the conversion of OLM to PDF.

Key Benefits of OLM to PDF Converter

  • Securely convert OLM documents and attachments to PDF files.
  • The tool preserves the hierarchy and folder structure of the Mac Outlook mailbox throughout the procedure.
  • It doesn’t have any issues with installation, usage, batch data conversion, or any other aspect.
  • The Pro edition enables limitless conversion of big OLM files to PDF at a time.
  • Moreover, the software keeps the email’s attributes and body content intact.
  • This top-notch tool works with all Windows OS & Mac OS versions.

Concluding Words         

OLM files must be converted to PDF because of some restrictions. This post has discussed the complete manual method for converting the OLM file into a more dependable and secure file format. Unfortunately, there is a high risk of data loss because of the complexity of the manual procedure. To preserve data integrity, it’s recommended that you utilize the OLM Converter.

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