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Have you grown tired of the basic floral prints, and want to try styling something offbeat? Something that will turn heads, and might be the conversation starter at parties or special events?

Your regular printed cotton sarees aren’t going to work anymore! The first rule of going offbeat is to pick designs that break the conventional barriers and let you successfully flaunt your inner eccentricity.

In this blog, we’ve gathered 6 offbeat printed sarees, that can surely make you stand out from the crowd for their quirky, unique and innovative design language!

6 Unique Screen and Hand Block Print Sarees You Should Try

Popcorn Prints

The uniqueness lies in design, not the colour! And the popcorn-printed on Chanderi is the greatest instance of the statement! The unconventional popcorn screen prints tagged along with a sweet pink background make the drape a one-of-a-kind collection that you can boast about!

Ideal for romantic movie nights, or dinner dates, the popcorn-printed saree is sure to make you stand out from the crowd for its largely unconventional colour and design combination.

Suitcase Prints

Hodophiles… assemble! What if we tell you, that there’s a saree that is made by keeping “your kind of people” in mind?! Well, it might sound unbelievable at first, but it’s the truth! This particular Chanderi classic boasts a beautiful off-white colour with bright yellow borders that complement the overall look of the saree.

What’s unique to this piece of drape, is the suitcase prints running all over the saree! The lightweight saree, combined with a unique design, makes it a perfect travel attire for many.

Grapes & Wine Prints

Want to look classy in a quirky-printed Begampuri cotton saree? The grapes & wine printed saree is definitely going to catch your attention then! A completely unconventional design, combined with an elegant white background along with unique pink borders is enough to complement an elegantly eccentric persona!

The soft nature of the fabric makes this saree out and out comfortable and breathable. And, the exclusive print designs shower blossoms of uniqueness in the drape, and makes it one of the top picks under offbeat design category.

Fish Prints

Are you someone who’s always into screen prints, and want to break the streak with hand-block printed cotton sarees? The fish-printed Begampuri cotton saree is going to appeal to your senses then! The entire design concept is based on marine life, and it’s complemented with ideal colour combos and designs for a complete look!

As bongs, we tend to keep our bangaliyaana intact through our love for fish! The fish-printed saree is, therefore, an example of our bongness, and serves as a super comfortable drape to wrap around even during scorching conditions.

Filter Coffee Prints

Embrace your love for caffeine with the filter coffee printed cotton sarees online. Whether it’s a normal day at work or a coffee date with the girl gang, this Begampuri classic serves as the perfect attire for any occasion.

The majestic golden borders, paired with a minimalistic white background and filter coffee print help you stay different from the usual crowd, and also exude the uniqueness in your personality!

Umbrella Prints

Any pluviophiles out there? We have some great news for you! Now, cherish the memories of your favourite weather through the six yards as well! This piece of drape stands out from the rest in this list with its elegant colour and design combination.

The light gray background with bright yellow borders and white accents makes it a true work of art to gaze upon! That along with a combination of cloud and umbrella prints makes the drape an ideal pick for the monsoon lovers out there!

Don’t Compromise Comfort Over Style!

The main aim of styling is to stay comfortable. This leads you to successfully carry any design or print without much effort or inconvenience.

That’s the reason why the best saree shops in Kolkata like Dora By Phoenix retain their unwavering commitment to not compromise on the comfort and breathability of their drapes. Because that’s when you can truly flaunt your style, and make a lasting impression!

To Conclude

Escape from the boring and conventional sarees! Embrace unique designs and prints while searching across online saree boutiques, and slay your unique persona effectively.

Don’t follow the trend! Be the trend instead!

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