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Continue reading this article to learn the easiest method if you want to convert multiple EML Files to PDF Format.

Any email client that supports EML files, including Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird, can be used to extract the files. Because they can be opened on any computer, PDF files are widely utilized. This has led to a rise in the number of customers searching for a way to convert large numbers of EML files to PDF at once. Try the time-saving EML to PDF converter, as it’s better to utilize a program to lessen the likelihood of losing anything.

Basic information for EML and PDF files.

EML files contain both the message’s text and other information such as the topic, sender, receiver, and date.
PDF files: Adobe created the Portable Document Format (PDF) in the 1990s. PDFs incorporate photographs, videos, and text.

Why do people choose PDF file formats?

PDF files are preferable for the reasons listed below:

  1. Converted PDF files can be stored and utilized at a later time.
  2. You need to open an email client to view EML files. Conversely, PDF files are compatible with all computers.
  3. A vital piece of evidence in digital forensic investigations is a PDF file.

Using Thunderbird, Manually Convert Multiple EML Files to PDF Format

To turn several EML files into PDFs, use Thunderbird’s conversion instructions. Converting EML to PDF is not the best option. The second method is advised for converting folders completely.

  • Launch the Thunderbird email software for Windows OS.
  • Select any Thunderbird folder (inbox, sent, draft, or trash) and right-click for settings.
  • Select ImportExportTool, followed by the “Export All Messages in the Folder” option.
  • Finally, choose the “PDF” option.

Convert a Subset of EML Files into Adobe PDF Format.

  • Use the right-click menu to pick the targeted message. Choose Save Selected Messages, then PDF Format.
  • By selecting the Browse option, you can choose where you wish to save your email messages (in PDF format).
  • Select any folder to save the PDF file.

An Automated Method – Convert Multiple EML Files to PDF Format

The user can manually export a few EML files; if the user has many EML files, exporting VCF contacts becomes challenging. Therefore, we suggest using TrustVare EML to PDF Converter Software for our consumers. This application is quite straightforward and user-friendly.

It enables users to batch convert multiple EML files, including attachments, to PDF. Your PC may be thoroughly searched by the program for EML files. If you are unsure about the location of your EML file, don’t worry. The program loads the folders holding the EML files and shows them in the left panel after scanning your system. Because the program is user-friendly, even those with little experience should be able to figure it out on their own.

How EML Files Can Be Converted to PDF Formats

  • Set up and run the TrustVare EML to PDF Converter. Then include the EML data files. 
  • Preview EML data files and choose which ones to export. 
  • Set any system route as the destination to save PDF files. 
  • When you click the Convert Now button, all the loaded EML data files are converted to PDF format.

Why Is Converter Software Preferred by Users?

  1. The tool can convert EML to PDF.
  2. The ImportExportTools add-on is not required.
  3. There are no file size restrictions when converting multiple EML files to PDF.
  4. Date filtering and individual selection allow you to selectively transform data.
  5. To keep the original folder style, utilize the Keep Folder Hierarchy function.
  6. There are more name standards and Internet message headers available.
  7. It is possible to define where the converted PDF file should be saved.
  8. All Windows operating systems are supported, including the latest versions of Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and so on.

In conclusion

For printing EML to PDF, however, manual procedures are adequate. Several EML files, including attachments, cannot be converted to PDF by them. We thus advise users to experiment with a quick method for converting files that include attachments. With the help of our fantastic EML to PDF-Converter application, we discover how to quickly convert EML files to PDF in batches.

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