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Free Textbooks Online Websites

Are you a student looking for college textbooks to read?

Well, look no further, we have got you covered with the platforms from where you can get free textbooks to aid your higher studies.

Being a college student, you may need many expensive textbooks to aid your higher studies, understand lectures, and end up passing the exam with good numbers.

However, purchasing all the textbooks will spill your pocket which can not be affordable to you.  at all.

Worry not, there are plenty of websites that offer you free textbooks to download and read them to grab the best grades in your upcoming exams. 

 In this post, we will give you an insight into Free Textbooks Online Websites. Let’s dive into it.

Best Websites for Free College Textbooks

We have compiled a list of the best websites to download ebooks. Here are they.

  1. Library Genesis

Boasting tons of expensive college textbooks, Library Genesis enables students to either access them online or download them to study further. It is easily accessible enabling you not to purchase every book you need and let you read them without draining your pocket.

  1. Archive.org

Archive.org is the top website on the list with an extensive collection of online books, PDFs, documents, and YouTube tutorials allowing students to aid their higher studies.

  1. Bookboon:  

In the list of the best free textbook online Websites, Bookboons offers students tons of all genres of books along with books written by famous lecturers of the top universities. No matter which course you have opted for like business department, economics, literature science, & technology, you have an ocean of books to pick from here and read them.

  1. BCampus Open ED

Focussing on higher studies, Bcampus Open ED boasts tons of college textbooks and higher learning tools making it accessible to the masses students. The books it offers are well-versed in various areas like Accounting, Sociology, biology, business, skill learning, trading, media and arts, and much more to dive in. To search for your specific books, you need to input proper keywords and the books will be displayed on your screen.

  1. OverDrive

With millions of ebooks, Overdrive is the best platform to pick books for free regardless of the course you have opted for in your higher studies.

In addition, it requires an active student ID or public library card to access the books available on the site. Besides this, it also has a collection of free audiobooks. 

  1.  Bookshare

One of the best Free Textbooks Online Websites, Bookshare boasts thousands of books of all genres to study, even some less popular books are also found here. It is a go-to platform for all college students or everyone, looking for other genres of books like cooking, graphics, arts, and whatever.

  1.  Digilbrary

Digilibrary offers a vast source of ebooks that you can download according to your taste. It has a full-fledged search bar that enables you to browse books by title, author, or any specific topic. It supports files of various formats like EPUB, PDF, and MOBI formats.

You can now pick from the aforementioned list of Free Textbooks Online Websites to download the book of your choice.

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