Focus on Future: How Food Delivery Innovation is Shaping Restaurants in 2024

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Focus on Future: How Food Delivery Innovation is Shaping Restaurants in 2024

Innovation is on the rise, and one of the most innovative creations of all time is the online food delivery service. It created ripples all over the e-commerce sector with its emergence, as now people were getting meals delivered to their doorsteps from their favourite restaurants in minutes.

Restaurants quickly hopped on and started partnering with food delivery aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber Eats, and some continue to partner with newer ones like HathMe and MagicPin.

Food delivery services like HathMe are revolutionising. HathMe creates a space for all types of restaurant owners, from the smallest to the biggest. Restaurant owners can register themselves on the app for free by paying minimum commission rates and elevating their food business to a greater level. Acting as a bridge between customers and merchants, HathMe strives for the benefit of both. If it provides a platform with minimal investment for one, then it provides extremely affordable food for the other.

Food delivery innovation is shaping restaurants in 2024 in the following ways:

  • Availability of the customer’s data

Food delivery aggregators have extensive user data. This helps these platforms understand customers and tweak their services and processes accordingly. Through customers’ data, a lot of information comes to light, which includes their preferences, if there is a surge in demands during a certain time of the year, which hours of the day most orders are placed, etc.

Restaurants benefit from this as it helps them target their customers and provide them with good service.

  • Multiple online payment options

Food delivery services have integrated multiple online payment options into their applications, proving that food delivery services take convenience and innovation seriously. However, they also have the option of cash on delivery. The multiple online payment options of food delivery apps include UPI, Net banking, e-wallets, and cards.

Availability of multiple online payment options ensures the retention of customers, as unavailability of sufficient payment options may lead them to not follow up with their order and this might cause restaurants to lose customers.

  • Cloud Kitchens

Food delivery services facilitate the existence of delivery-only kitchens. These cloud kitchens have a menu, prepare food as per their demands, and hand over the orders to delivery partners once prepared.

Cloud kitchens do not require space; therefore, investment is low. The only way for a cloud kitchen to gain attention and a good reputation is by delivering fresh and delicious food. Hence, cloud kitchens focus on the quality of food.

  • Catering to millennials and Gen Z’s requirements

The majority of food delivery service users are millennials and Gen Z’s. People from this generation rely heavily on quick-commerce services. They want instant gratification, and food delivery services provide the same. They are also a very busy generation and often don’t have the time to cook. This is where the food delivery services come to their rescue. Food delivery services and restaurants provide them with warm meals within a few minutes of their doorsteps.

  • Environment friendly

The youth are more sensitive to climate change and therefore expect food delivery services to do their bit. Food that is to be delivered needs packaging; the packaging, however, is not always sustainable. Packaging is done in plastic boxes, and disposable cutlery is provided. This harms the environment. Hence, food delivery services and restaurants are gradually adopting environmentally friendly packaging and eliminating disposable cutlery.

  • Addition of augmented reality and virtual reality

Augmented reality (AR) is creating a stir in the food delivery world. Imagine you can see on your phone a giant pizza floating towards you—that’s the kind of fun and engaging experience AR brings to the table.

Just Eat leveraged AR by launching a playful, engaging game where customers could see burgers and other dishes virtually leap into their mouths. This quirky approach not only generated buzz but also increased social media engagement as people shared their experiences.

This innovative technology is becoming a key player in marketing campaigns. Companies are using AR to grab attention, boost brand awareness, and ultimately drive sales. It’s a perfect fit for mobile devices, which is how most people order food these days.

With AR’s ability to create interactive and memorable experiences, it’s no wonder food delivery apps are seeing positive results. Expect to see even more AR innovation in the future, making the food delivery process more fun and engaging than ever.


Food delivery innovations have paved a new path for restaurants, which leads to success. Restaurants that partner with food delivery platforms find success as soon as they get access to a wider customer base. HathMe offers merchants a platform, a dedicated delivery fleet for timely delivery, a wide customer base, early payment release, ratings for their services so they can improve, and live-order tracking for their customers. HathMe could be your food delivery partner platform that shapes your restaurant business with innovation. Stay ahead of your competitors, take your food business online, and reach new heights.

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