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In India, passing the Chartered Accountancy (CA) Intermediate exam is a requirement for becoming a chartered accountant. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) administers this exam in January, May, and September of every year. With registration closing in May 2025, if you plan to take the documents required for ca intermediate registration, this page will give you all the information you need to get registered. Information is accessible regarding eligibility requirements, registration procedures, costs, and crucial dates. By following our advice, you may ensure a seamless registration process and begin working toward your CA goals.

Principal Criteria

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has announced the dates for CA Intermediate registration for the upcoming session. The CA Inter May 2025 test will be available starting on September 1, 2024. Prospective candidates can easily register online via the official ICAI website. The registration fee is Rs. 18,000 for both groups and Rs. 13,000 for just one group. To be qualified, candidates must complete their how to register for ca intermediate 2025 at least eight months before to the exam month.

According to an earlier announcement by ICAI, the CA Inter exams will take place three times a year, beginning in May 2024 and continuing in May/June, September, and January 2025. The official dates for each session’s registration were also announced by ICAI. Registration for the CA Inter January 2025 session closed on May 1, 2024. Candidates may register for the September 2024 exams if, as of January 1, 2024, they have completed the paperwork needed for CA intermediate registration with the Board of Studies.

The first CA intermediate registration exam using the new ICAI architecture was given in May 2024. Under the revised format, candidates’ eligibility registrations for the 2024 CA Intermediate Exam will be valid for five years after they are completed. Prospective students can enroll in the CA Intermediate program in one of two ways: either throughout the program or after passing the CA Foundation exam.

CA Intermediate Eligibility Standards

Prospective students must meet the requirements for the CA Intermediate test in order to register for the Intermediate level of the Chartered Accountancy course in 2025. Additionally, a detailed examination of the CA Intermediate Eligibility Criteria 2025 can be found below:

Academic Requirement: You must possess an officially recognized degree of a similar kind or have passed the documents required for ca intermediate registration. Alternatively, graduates from accredited universities in any program may apply directly to the Intermediate level.

Age Restrictions: The CA Intermediate Last Date of Registration May 2025 eligibility test does not have a maximum age limit for registration.

Admissions: Candidates must complete the CA Intermediate registration process eight months before the scheduled try. It is essential to remember the registration deadlines and to send in the required documentation on time.

How to Register for CA Intermediate: 2025 Summary

Aim to register for the CA Intermediate Exam Pattern 2025 as soon as possible. The application date for the May 2025 exam is September 1, 2024. There won’t be any more chances to take the prestigious exam if this deadline is not met.

CA Intermediate Registration 2025 – Important Dates
ParticularCA Intermediate Jan 2025 ExamCA Intermediate May 2025 Exam
Register for CA Intermediate under the new scheme with ICAIClosedOpen
CA Intermediate Last Date Registration1st May, 20241st September, 2024
Availability of CA Intermediate exam form(To be confirmed by ICAI)(To be confirmed by ICAI)
Last date to fill CA Intermediate  exam form (Without late fees)(To be confirmed by ICAI)(To be confirmed by ICAI)
Last date to fill CA Intermediate  exam form (With late fees)(To be confirmed by ICAI)(To be confirmed by ICAI)
CA Intermediate exam date(To be confirmed by ICAI)(To be confirmed by ICAI)

Sign-Up Channels

Understanding the CA Intermediate qualification process is essential for anyone hoping to become a chartered accountant. The Foundation Route and the Direct Entry Route are the two primary registration pathways available to candidates for the CA Intermediate Level.

Graduates and postgraduates do not need to complete the CA Foundation in order to apply for the CA Intermediate Exam Pattern 2025 using the Direct Entry Route. 55% for business, 60% for other fields. This degree provides an excellent intellectual foundation for students who wish to become chartered accountants.

Foundation Route: In contrast, candidates who successfully complete the CA Intermediate Exam syllabus 2025 and meet the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’s (ICAI) May 2025 registration deadline may elect to register via the Foundation Route. Those who pass the documents required for ca intermediate registration are eligible to move on to the Intermediate level. Candidates who demonstrate their readiness to advance to the next eligibility level for the CA intermediate exam by putting in a lot of study time and passing the Foundation exam.

Cost Review

The registration fees for the CA Intermediate test vary depending on whether you are enrolled in both groups of courses or only one of them:

CA Intermediate Registration Fees
ParticularBoth Groups(₹)Both Groups($)Group 1/2(₹)Group 1/2($)
Registration Fee15,00011,000
Students’ Activities Fee2,0002,000
Registration fee as articled assistant1,000
Total Fees18,0001,00013,000600

CA Intermediate Exam Enrollment Process

  1. To enroll in CA Intermediate 2025, complete the following steps:
  2. Please go to
    Select the “Students Services” tab.
  3. Decide on “entry-level forms.”
  4. Fill out the necessary fields accurately.
  5. From the menu, choose “Generate OTP”. Look up the phone number and email address you registered with to get your login credentials.
  6. After logging in, proceed with the deadline
  7. May 2025. Upload the necessary files to complete the payment procedure.
  8. Obtain the CA Intermediate 2025 registration receipt for your records.

Documents Required for CA Intermediate Registration

After completing your online CA Intermediate registration for May 2025, you will have seven days to send in a few extra documents. Deliver the following paperwork to the ICAI regional office that is in charge of your case:

A duplicate of the online registration form that you completed: Make sure it has your signature on it.

Should you decide to take the Foundation’s ca intermediate test syllabus 2025, you will have to present proof of passing an official transcript from your Class 12 education or an equivalent accredited exam.

Observe the entire route: Selecting this specific course? Provide a formal transcript from your college or university, or a comparable document from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), the Institute of how to register for ca intermediate of India (ICMAI), or an equivalent qualification.

For now, a picture in color Unfold it carefully onto the registration form printed on paper.

Proof of nationality (only for foreigners): You need an official copy if you are not an Indian citizen.

Certificate of Special Category (Optional): If you fit into any of the three optional special categories (SC/ST, OBC, or Differently Abled), kindly submit an authenticated copy of the relevant certificate.

Critical Points in CA Registration for 2025

The revised plan, which takes effect in May 2024, will provide your CA temporary end date of registration in May 2025 a longer validity period. You can renew your registration for an additional five years for a little charge. The documentation you need for documents required for ca intermediate registration are valid for five years. During this extended period, you will have more flexibility in selecting the time to take the exam. When you feel completely prepared, you can schedule your study time and take the test.

Sage Direction

Taking the CA Intermediate Exam requires meticulous preparation and attention to detail. It is imperative to comply with the subsequent guidelines to ensure a seamless registration procedure:

Start early: Initiate the registration process at the earliest opportunity to avoid last-minute rushing and technical issues. Give yourself enough time to gather the required documentation, understand the specifications, and correctly complete the how to register for ca intermediate 2025 form.

Check the supporting materials: Before submitting any, make sure that the documents are legitimate and being uploaded in the correct size and format. Your registration may be refused if your documentation is erroneous or incomplete (intermediate exam syllabus 2025).

Maintain your education: Visit the official ICAI website for news and updates regarding the paperwork needed for the CA intermediate registration process. Remember deadlines and important dates to make sure you don’t miss any important information.

Never hesitate to ask experts or the ICAI helpdesk for advice. The registration procedure is now complete, and we have addressed all of your queries and concerns. You can speed up the registration procedure and avoid mistakes by taking care of any problems beforehand.

Keep a record: You should keep a file with all of the documents, bills, and correspondence related to your registration. If something changes or later on, this will be helpful.

By following these recommendations, you may ensure that the qualifying process for the CA Intermediate Last Date of Registration May 2025 Exam runs successfully. Make use of the resources available to you and seek assistance as necessary to guarantee a straightforward documents required for ca intermediate registration Syllabus 2025 process.

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