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Eternal Book

Origins: Infinity of Wisdom

The Eternal Book origins are deeply rooted in the Divine, encompassing both the masculine and feminine aspects unified as ONE Being. Before time began, They existed, and through time, They continue to be the singular source of all existence. Everything that is, is a manifestation of Their essence. From Their absolute oneness comes their manifestation: initially through Their attributes, then in Their form, followed by the expansion of Their knowledge, and ultimately, the creation of the world.

Evolution: From Unknowing to the Fullness of Knowledge

Before the dawn of time, the ONE Being, the Divine, transcended knowledge. Although all knowledge resides within Him, He embarked on a journey of self-revelation to discover it, thus entering time. Through this process, He “evolves” from a state of unknowing that transcends knowledge to the full realization and development of His eternal knowledge.

Humanity partakes in this journey, discovering the Divine and evolving alongside Him, uncovering the deepest qualities of the ONE Being at the intersection of divinity and creation.

Discovery: A Journey Through the Looking Glass

In the current chapter of the Eternal Book, we exist in a “world of exile,” a realm of separation. This world serves as the arena for developing the concept of non-being, through which the profound qualities of being are discovered, much like a journey on the other side of a mirror.

The Divine, embodying pure knowledge, love, and bliss, is reflected in this world by their opposites. However, through this process, we uncover redeeming love, self-sacrifice, and the triumph of life over death.

Transformative Power: From Darkness to Light

In this world, we encounter various manifestations of darkness and evil, the antitheses of the Divine’s light and love. The human ego, a spark of Divine Consciousness, aligns with the idea of non-being, thus experiencing separation. The power that transforms evil into good and death into life is the power of the Cross. Here, the human ego reciprocates Divine love, renouncing itself out of love for the Divine and all His parts and parcels.

As the ego embraces the Cross, it is infused with the Water of Life flowing through it, undergoing a transformation—melting, dissolving, and being reborn into the consciousness of unity. The Divine Light and Love received vertically is spread horizontally to all mankind and lower vertically to various kingdoms of creation.

On the Cross, the renewed ego gains the power to forgive all negative ideas. The Love at the center of the Cross acts as a principle of conversion, absorbing and dissolving every negative idea for which forgiveness is sought and manifesting it as forgiven and converted.

This process leads to the actual transmutation of negative ideas, “bad spirits” or “demons,” into positive ideas, “good spirits” or “angels.” For instance, violence is transmuted into gentleness.

Enlightenment: Passing on the Torch

In our present world, where separation and ignorance prevail, the Divine manifests at key moments, bringing light and knowledge to guide humanity towards awakening from the illusory reality of contradictions and suffering. In every age, an anointed individual receives the Torch of Truth, illuminating Divine Love from the predecessor.

This anointed one then passes the Torch to the souls who share in carrying the light for all.

Revelation: Age to Age, From Scorpio to Aquarius

There are twelve ages in this world, corresponding to the twelve zodiac signs. While the twelve steps of the Eternal Book start in Aries and end in Pisces, the twelve ages of this world, situated within the eighth step of Scorpio, move “backwards,” beginning in the Age of Scorpio and concluding in the Age of Sagittarius. Each age features a major anointed one of the Divine.

In the first seven ages, the Divine conveyed His main messages through the line of Bharata, and subsequently through Israel, establishing two lines of revelation that together uphold the full and final revelation: the Eternal Temple, descending from the Celestial Plane, manifesting in the Age of Aquarius.

Conclusion: All is Harmonized in the Eternal Book

The Eternal Book represents the final revelation of the Divine to humanity, encompassing the full knowledge of the Divine Himself. Throughout the ages, traditions have lost parts of the initial revelations, leading to human interpretations filling in the gaps and resulting in a partial loss of the original light. The Eternal Book restores all to light, harmonizing the deepest essence of each tradition perfectly.

In the Eternal Book, all wisdom and knowledge converge, transcending time and space, guiding humanity towards a unified understanding of the Divine and the cosmos.

Through its revelations, we are invited to partake in the timeless journey of discovering the Divine within ourselves and the world around us, ultimately leading to enlightenment and unity.

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