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Do you still save your contacts and their details in an Excel spreadsheet? Have you not heard about the updated VCF standard format? While keeping contacts on Excel sheets was formerly common, it is now considered an outdated practice that is not as well-liked by computer and smartphone users. The vCard format is currently used instead of Excel sheets to store contact details for individuals or businesses. A name, address, phone number, email address, and other contact details are included in a VCF, or vCard file. Moreover, custom fields, pictures, and other media formats are supported. Compared to an Excel sheet that might have hundreds or thousands of contacts, a single VCF file is minimal since it only holds one contact. VCF files, as opposed to Excel sheets, are compatible with the majority of email applications and all modern devices.

Introductions: About Excel & VCF

VCF files are also frequently used for the import and export of contacts from the Windows address book. Moreover, it is simple to attach VCF files to emails. It is highly recommended that you convert to the new standard format called vCard if you are currently keeping contacts on Excel sheets.

You would need to import Excel contacts to vCard files if you wanted to save significant contacts from your Excel sheets in VCF format. There are two methods to do that: either you employ an expert tool or you only need to follow a short technique. While manual techniques don’t require any third-party software, TrustVare Contact Manager Tool would be a costly answer. It will take a long time to import hundreds of thousands of contacts using the manual method for converting Excel contacts to VCF files. To carry out these tasks, you must first convert an Excel sheet into CSV format, then import contacts into VCF files, and finally import contacts into your system from CSV files. This is Easy-to-Operate Strategy to Convert Excel Contacts to VCF.

Let’s look at how to accomplish it below: 

Transform Excel into a CSV.

  • Launch the Excel document that has the contacts on it.
  • Click the File tab and choose Save As from the menu bar. Alternatively, you can open the Save As dialog box by just pressing the F12 button.
  • Proceed to the “saving” choices now. Give the file a new name. Additionally, define CSV (comma-delimited) (*.csv) in the Save as type settings. Press Save.
  • There will be a few messages shown on your screen. To close Microsoft Excel, click OK.
  • The conversion of the Excel sheet to CSV format was accomplished successfully. This new file is available for viewing at the previously specified location.

Add CSV Contacts to The Platform. 

  • Enter contacts in the search bar by going to Windows Start. You can see the Contacts entry under Programs. To open the Contacts window, click it.
  • Select the Import tab located in the header part of the Contacts window.
  • Choose CSV (Comma Separated Values) from the list of choices on the Import to Windows Contacts window, then click Import.
  • Select the CSV file to import contacts from at this point. After choosing the file, click Browse. Select Next.
  • In accordance with it, map the contacts field and the text field. Select “Finish.”
  • You can verify that every contact from the CSV file has been successfully imported into your system.

Export Contact Data to VCF Contacts

  • To export all of your contacts in vCard format, select them all.
  • Click the Export tab in the header section.
  • Click on the vCards (folder of.vcf files) option in the Export Windows Contacts window. Select Export.
  • Select a spot to store fresh vCard files by browsing around now. To begin the process of exporting contacts to vCard files, click OK.

Professional Method Steps to Convert Excel Contacts to VCF File Format:

  • Download the TrustVare Contact Manager Tool on a Windows PC.
  • Start the application and select the Excel contacts files that you need to export VCF.
  • Preview all selective Excel files before starting the conversion process.
  • choose the location where you want to save converted Excel contacts files.
  • Now select the VCF format
  • After the all steps now hit on the “Convert” button and start exporting Excel contacts to VCF file format.

Note: The TrustVare Contact Manager Tool provides the free demo edition to all users so that they can export some Excel contacts to VCF file format.


If millions of contacts need to be exported to VCF files, this might be a laborious process. Users find a professional contact manager tool to be of great assistance in such circumstances. Thousands of contacts can be effortlessly exported from one Excel sheet to many VCF or vCard files at once. Before purchasing the paid edition of this utility, users can download a free demo version of it. Users can assess the program with the help of the demo version.

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