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In the realm of facility management, efficient access to building information is paramount for ensuring smooth operations, swift responses to emergencies, and effective maintenance. Traditional methods of storing building data, whether in paper files or scattered digital documents, pose significant challenges in terms of accessibility and productivity. However, with the advent of advanced as-built software, such as building plan software, the landscape of facility management is undergoing a transformation. This article delves into the significance of centralizing building information through advanced as-built software, focusing on the utilization of as-built maps for enhanced facility management.

Understanding As-Built Maps:

As-built maps serve as dynamic blueprints of a building’s infrastructure, documenting changes and updates throughout its lifecycle. Unlike static blueprints, which may become outdated as renovations occur, as-built maps provide real-time insights into the current state of a facility. They depict equipment locations, shut-offs, and structural modifications, empowering facility managers with comprehensive knowledge for effective decision-making.

The Role of Facility Management Software:

Facility management software acts as a digital hub for organizing and accessing building information. By integrating advanced features like as-built maps, these platforms streamline facility management processes, enabling users to navigate through complex building structures effortlessly. From accessing emergency information to conducting routine inspections, facility management software enhances productivity and operational efficiency.

Benefits Across Industries:

Healthcare: In hospitals, where patient care is paramount, maintaining compliance and swiftly accessing building information are critical. Facility management software equipped with as-built maps aids in ensuring regulatory compliance and expediting emergency responses, thereby safeguarding patient health.

Higher Education: College and university campuses encompass diverse buildings with varying infrastructure needs. As-built software facilitates post-pandemic recovery efforts, enhances campus safety, and improves the overall quality of student life by providing accurate building documentation and emergency information.

Sports Facilities and Stadiums: Large-scale venues face unique challenges in terms of public safety and crowd management. Facility management software with as-built capabilities enables stadium teams to map emergency equipment and ensure seamless operations during events, contributing to a positive customer experience.

Commercial & Industrial: Disruptions in commercial and industrial facilities can have significant repercussions on business continuity and profitability. With facility management software, teams can promptly access building information and respond to emergencies, mitigating risks and minimizing downtime.

State & Local Government: Historic government buildings require meticulous maintenance and adherence to safety regulations. As-built software empowers facility teams with instant access to crucial details, ensuring the efficient management of government facilities and public spaces.

Financial Institutions: Banks and credit unions operate across multiple locations, necessitating efficient facility management practices. Facility management software equipped with as-built maps enables remote troubleshooting and maximizes team efficiency, even in short-staffed scenarios.

K12 School Districts: Safety is paramount in educational settings, where the well-being of students and staff is a top priority. As-built software facilitates rapid access to critical building information, aiding school facility managers in ensuring a secure learning environment.

Key Features of Building Plan Software:

As-Builts List View: Provides a comprehensive list of a facility’s as-built plans for easy reference.

As-Builts Map View: Offers a visual representation of building infrastructure, including equipment locations and shut-offs.

Equipment Maps: Enables users to locate and track equipment within a facility, facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting.

Simplified Access to Emergency Information: Instantly retrieves emergency protocols and relevant building details, enhancing response times during critical situations.


Advanced as-built software, integrated within facility management platforms, revolutionizes the way building information is accessed and utilized across various industries. By centralizing building data and providing intuitive tools like as-built maps, these software solutions empower facility managers to enhance productivity, mitigate risks, and ensure the safety and well-being of occupants. As the demands of modern facility management continue to evolve, embracing technology-driven solutions becomes imperative for achieving operational excellence.

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