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For someone who was born and grew up in the pristine greenery and humid environment of northeastern India, my first winter in Sirsa, Haryana, was the first major test for my skin, which is somewhat of the dry type. Of course I always used the best body moisturizer for dry skinto take care of my skin because of the year-round high humidity in eastern India. However, Sirsa turned out to be the proverbial acid test when I experienced my first winter there and later, when the scorching summer came up five months later.

Although I am of North Indian origin, our family have been based in Dibrugarh, Assam for over 80 years now and I have never been west of Patna, Bihar before the bank I work for, posted me to Sirsa.

I came to Sirsa just after Diwali when winter was just about to begin and if it was not for the good body lotion for dry skinthat I carried with me, it would have been very difficult for me to manage the extreme dry cold of Sirsa.

I found the Sirsa winter to be colder than Dibrugarh, which is also relatively cold but what hit me in Sirsa was the extreme dryness during the winter there. Whether you have dry skin or not you will need a good body cream for dry skin to survive the winter there.

Fortunately, I use the best body lotion which is made with natural and herbal ingredients and not just managed the winter in Sirsa well but also the scorching summer there.

Skin care during extremes of summer heat and winter cold

It is not so much the highs and lows of temperature that bothers me as much the desert dryness amidst such extreme temperatures that worries me.

If you do not use the best body moisturizer for dry skinduring the winter dryness, you are likely to end up with cracked skin across different parts of your body, mainly your hands and feet.

The near 50°C summer heat and dryness in Sirsa presents a different challenge for the skin and unless you are careful enough to regularly use a good body lotion for dry skin your skin will get damaged.

I was lucky enough to carry my entire package of skincare products like moisturizers and body lotion made from natural and herbal ingredients and managed to get through the extremes of both the winter and summer in Sirsa.

Advantages of using natural and herbal skincare products

Unlike skincare products made with harsh and harmful chemicals, a good body cream for dry skinmade with natural and herbal ingredients will be absorbed well by your body.

The natural and herbal ingredients used in good quality skincare products are essentially organic in contrast to the chemicals-based products. They have very little if any inorganic substances like synthetic chemicals and neither do they undergo genetic modification.

For me, the best body lotion for dry faceis one that has no side effects to begin with and at the same time should give me long-lasting and effective results. Thankfully, I have been able get exactly such results from the natural and herbal moisturizing and skincare products that I have always been using.

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