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8 points for your SEO strategy on YouTube:

If you are going to start uploading your videos to YouTube, first of all, you must always do a search for strategic keywords. Any user who wants to start a recipe channel on YouTube should search, in tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs, for keywords that allow them to create a good SEO strategy on YouTube.

You can learn more about keyword research in our Content for SEO article. Now, we detail the most important points for you to optimize your SEO strategy on YouTube:

1 – Start your SEO strategy on YouTube with title optimization:

The first step to creating an SEO strategy on YouTube is to have a fully optimized title.

  • The title must be between 60 and 70 characters
  • The main keyword must be placed in the title
  • Use special characters to get more clicks from users. For example, emojis.

2 – Optimize your video description:

After optimizing the title, you should continue with the video description. These are some recommendations to enhance the meta description of your video:

Include the main keyword in the first 200 words of the description
Also include the main keyword in the hashtag section of the video
Include links to the company’s website or social networks, depending on the objective of the video. What we also recommend is that you divide the section of your description by chapters as in the example we leave you below.
Include CTAs (call to action) so that the user can explore, without difficulty, your client’s website or social networks. Links must be related to the information in the description.

3 – Create translations whenever necessary for a good YouTube SEO strategy:

The YouTube algorithm will give a positive score to all videos that have translations of their titles, descriptions and subtitles for other languages. The visits that one or more videos receive from other countries must be analyzed to justify the need to translate the aforementioned elements into other languages.

4 – Choose a good thumbnail image for your video(s) on YouTube:

For a YouTube SEO strategy to work correctly, you must have all elements of each video optimized (title and description) and a thumbnail image must be chosen for each of your videos.

And why is it important to choose this image?

It is the gateway to your video. In addition to the video being in the top positions of the YouTube search engine, a user will only click on it and watch it if it has a good thumbnail: it must be an image that is related to the video.

If a user searches for “SEO Services Calgary,” the thumbnail should have related items. At least a SEO Thumbnail so that the user knows the content of the video in a few seconds.

Many times the thumbnails chosen by YouTube are not attractive and that means that many users do not click on the video. Causing, as a consequence, the YouTube algorithm to penalize the positioning of the video. Click Here for SEO Services in Calgary

5 – Choose to add subtitles to your video for YouTube:

Manually created subtitles for your videos have a positive impact on your YouTube SEO strategy. The search engine scores favorably all videos that have subtitles uploaded by their creators, since it becomes a video accessible to more users.

6 – Divide your video by chapters:

To achieve a foolproof SEO strategy on YouTube, you must divide your video into chapters. This is essential for a good SEO score. In addition to being very important to add the title of the video in the first chapter, it is necessary to indicate a chapter change whenever there is a change of topic in the video.

With this strategy, a user can directly consult the specific chapter or topic in which they are interested.

7 – Include keywords as tags in your video:

Tags are the keywords with which your video positions on YouTube and that is why they must be carefully chosen. Our first recommendation is that you add your most important keyword as the first tag. Next, you have to include more keywords that are related to the video.

This is why it is so important to do a good keyword search even before recording the video. It can also be done later, but it may be the case that the keywords that best suit the video do not have search volume. Search for keywords with or without branding (if applicable for your video) so that you can position it in the first places on YouTube.

8 – Pay attention to the publication date of your video:

A YouTube SEO strategy works better with videos that have been posted more recently than older ones. If there are old videos on a YouTube channel, even if they have all the elements correctly implemented, they may be penalized and we will explain why.

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