5 Tips for Selecting the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai 

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Immigrating to a new country is never a walk in the park. It is filled with complexities and legalities, not to mention the emotional and physical adjustments one must cope with.  

That is why if you are seeking to move to Dubai, it will be best to get assistance from immigration consultants. They will streamline your process and reduce stress as you make this big change.  
Yet, even selecting the best consultant can be challenging in a sea of options. You will need to consider several factors to land on the best option. This article will provide the top tips for choosing an immigration consultant in Dubai. 

Why Are Immigration Consultants Important? 

Experts of immigration are professionals who offer guidance and help to people and families moving to a new country. Immigration consultants possess in-depth knowledge of the laws, procedures, and regulations surrounding immigration. They assist clients in easily navigating these issues as they settle in the new country. 

You need to understand that moving to Dubai will involve a lot of paperwork to satisfy the legal requirements. That’s why you must work with the best immigration consultants in Dubai. They will ensure you are at par with the criteria by submitting the correct documentation. This will increase the possibility of a successful immigration outcome.  

What You Need to Consider Before Choosing an Immigration Consultant 

  1. Credentials & Compliance  

It is important to verify the consultant’s license from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), which authorizes them to provide immigration services legally. You can check MOHRE’s online directory to confirm their license details match what is stated. 

Along with certifications, explore the consultant’s professional qualifications in depth. Leading firms employ experts with graduate degrees specialized in immigration law. Some specialists maintain extra credentials from reputed international associations like the International Association of Immigration Professionals (IAIP) or the Australian New Zealand Institute of Migration Agents (ANZIMA), signaling higher standards. 

Ask if the consultant has experience helping clients obtain second citizenship or residency in other countries. An increasing number of individuals seek global citizenship through investment programs that provide flexibility and security through dual nationality. Consultants in these programs can advise you on the best options to diversify residency and potentially reduce dependence on one country. 

In addition, inquire about the consultant’s specialization areas. Do they have experience handling different visa categories relevant to your circumstances, such as employment, family, or investor pathways? Consultants well-versed in national-specific documentation for your country of origin can simplify the application process. You may also find value in working with those fluent in your language. 

  1. Depth of Experience  

When evaluating experience levels, it is best to engage consultants established for 5-10+ years or more in Dubai’s immigration sector. This indicates a long-standing track record of navigating policy changes over time. 

Ask how many visa, residency and second citizenship applications they have completed, discerning the volume of past cases handled. Larger agencies with multilingual teams have likely managed diverse scenarios from which you can learn. However, consultancies operating for less than three years or with only 1-2 staff lack comparable depth and insights. 

Examine prominent consultancy profiles in depth. For example, you can go for a consultancy that has supported several thousand immigration journeys in the UAE for over a decade, serving large corporate clients alongside individual applicants. Such a consistent, extensive portfolio inspires stronger confidence in their abilities. 

  1. Past Success Rate  

Request statistics on approval percentages for applications comparable to your needs processed within the last 1-5 years. Top performers reliably achieve over 95% success, minimizing uncertainty. However, rates below 90% indicate areas for improvement, increasing risks of delays or rejection. 

For instance, you can consider a consultancy with an impressive success rate of 98% for employment visa applications in the past half-decade. Their stringent documentation standards and follow-up will translate to positive outcomes. Quantifiable, independently verifiable metrics like this aid meaningful comparisons. 

  1. Response Communication  

Evaluate communication standards by considering the frequency of proactive updates on milestones, responsiveness to queries, and quality of explanations provided. Reputable firms leverage client web portals, permitting real-time application status tracking globally. 

Industry leaders assign dedicated account managers to ensure prompt issue resolution via calls, emails, or chat. Transparent interactions reassure applicants throughout waiting periods across geographic boundaries. Favor consultancies attentive to regular communication needs. 

  1. Total Costs  

Request itemized quotes in advance outlining all envisaged expenses upfront for budgeting accurately. Reputable consultancies charge reasonably within 10-15% of the total visa/permit fees on average to review documents and guide the process. 

This factor also contributes to additional out-of-pocket costs for medical tests and attestations. Leading firms provide financing options like installment plans to spread relocation costs. Discounts may apply depending on referrals or high volumes. Ensure full disclosure of potential hidden charges. 

Final Thoughts 

Immigration consulting is very competitive, so research before listening to the one that precisely fits your needs. It would also be good if you preferred those consultants being vouched for by any trusted sources: friends, families, or rankers within the industry. 

With the right diligence on credentials, experience, success rates, communication habits, and affordable costs, one can select the most capable partner to deliver hassle-free immigration services. Proper due diligence leads to fruitful outcomes.  

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