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Larder Cabinets

Larder cabinets are a staple in many UK homes, offering an efficient way to store groceries, spices, and kitchen appliances. Not just practical, they also add a significant style element to your kitchen’s overall design. Whether you’re in bustling London or quaint Richmond, here are 15 larder cabinet ideas that cater to diverse tastes and needs, ensuring your kitchen is as beautiful as it is functional.

1. Classic Freestanding Larder

A timeless choice, freestanding larder cabinets can be positioned anywhere in your kitchen, offering flexibility and a touch of classic charm. Opt for a wooden finish to bring warmth to the space.

2. Pull-Out Larder Cabinets

Maximize space in smaller kitchens with a pull-out larder cabinet. These cabinets are great for easy access and can be cleverly hidden behind sleek doors that match the rest of your kitchen.

3. Corner Larder Cabinets

Utilize every inch of your kitchen with a corner larder cabinet. These are perfect for making the most of those awkward kitchen corners, providing ample storage without sacrificing style.

4. Built-In Larder Cabinets

For a modern and streamlined look, consider built-in larder cabinets that blend seamlessly with your kitchen aesthetics. These are especially popular in contemporary urban homes.

5. Larder Cabinet with Integrated Appliances

Integrate appliances such as refrigerators or ovens into your larder cabinet for a cohesive and functional design. This idea works well in minimalist kitchens where you want to hide bulky appliances.

6. Glass-Fronted Larder Cabinets

kitchen with an organized and stylish pantry with glass jerry cans and metal containers. ai generative.

Add a touch of elegance with glass-fronted larder cabinets, perfect for displaying fine china or decorative items while keeping them dust-free and organized.

7. Larder Cabinets with Internal Drawers

Increase your storage options with internal drawers inside your larder cabinet. These are ideal for storing smaller items like herbs, spices, and utensils.

8. Slimline Larder Cabinet

A slimline larder cabinet is perfect for narrow spaces, providing storage without overcrowding the kitchen. This is ideal for galley kitchens or smaller flats.

9. Larder Cabinet with Chalkboard Doors

Incorporate chalkboard doors into your larder cabinet for a fun and functional way to keep track of groceries or to-do lists. This is also a great way for kids to express their creativity.

10. Industrial Style Larder Cabinet

For a more modern, industrial look, choose a metal larder cabinet with visible hinges and hardware. This style pairs well with loft or warehouse-inspired interiors.

11. Country Cottage Larder Cabinet

Embrace rustic charm with a country cottage-style larder cabinet, featuring classic paneling and antique handles. Perfect for homes in rural settings or for those who love a vintage aesthetic.

12. Larder Cabinet with Wine Rack

Combine your love for wine with practical kitchen storage by opting for a larder cabinet that includes a built-in wine rack. This is a stylish and convenient way to store your wine collection.

13. Larder Cabinet with Custom Lighting

Enhance the functionality and ambiance of your larder cabinet with custom lighting. LED strips or internal spotlights can make it easier to find what you need and add a wow factor to your kitchen.

14. Larder Cabinet with Pull-out Worktops

Ideal for baking enthusiasts or those with limited counter space, larder cabinets with pull-out worktops provide an extra surface for food preparation whenever needed.

15. Modern Minimalist Larder Cabinet in Richmond

For a sleek, modern look, consider a minimalist larder cabinet design, particularly popular in upscale areas like Richmond. Opt for clean lines, neutral colors, and handle-less doors for a contemporary feel.


Larder cabinets are a versatile and essential component of kitchen design, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer a classic, rustic, or modern look, there’s a larder cabinet to suit every home in the UK. By incorporating any of these ideas, you can create a bespoke kitchen that’s not only organized but also stylish and tailored to your living space.

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