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Nowadays, many people are in urgent need of the best office packers and movers to move their office goods to another location. Some people want to downsize their office and need to open a small office in another city. Others need to expand their business and want to open a large office in another city or state. However, office shifting is not easy even if you get the moving and packing services of the leading moving companies. There are a lot of things you need to do on your own while moving your office goods to your destination. Here are the best tips to streamline your office shifting process:-

Plan Your Office Move Early

Planning your move early will help you manage your office shifting process perfectly. It would be advisable to plan your move at least 3 months before your actual move. This will help you combat any problem that comes your way during the move. Just take enough time to identify the goods you need to move to your new office space. Besides, you will need to create a timeline for your move and stick to it during the entire move. This will help you move your office goods seamlessly to your new destination.

Appoint a Shifting Manager

Booking the reputed packers and movers is not enough to get a stress-free move as you also need someone to supervise your office move. Well, you need not search for any outside person for this work as you can easily choose any experienced employee in your company for this work. However, make sure to choose a person who is already involved in any kind of relocation task. This will help you a lot and reduce your moving stress to a great extent during the move. The appointed person will supervise your move and provide you with all the minute details regarding your move.

Protect Your Office Data

Data is extremely valuable these days for the companies. So, you should not forget to protect your office data while moving your office equipment to another location. There are many ways to store data safely with you. You can either store it on a pen drive or a hard disk whichever suits you the most. Besides, you can use Google Drive or a cloud storage facility to store the important data of your office. The benefit of using these devices for data storage is that you can easily retrieve your data whenever you need it.

Update Your Office Address

Another important thing is to update your office address before moving to your new office. This will save you from any difficulty after relocating your office. Make sure to inform all your clients about the new address of your company so that they may contact you whenever they want. Also don’t forget to inform them of the new landline number of the company. Apart from that you should also change the address on the company’s social media accounts, websites, and letterheads. This will help you run your business smoothly without any disturbance. If your clients and suppliers know your address, they can contact you anytime they want.

Disconnect Utilities in Time

You also need to disconnect your utilities at the right time to avoid paying bills for the services that you haven’t used. To disconnect your utilities, you need to contact your utility service providers immediately. If you need to shift any utility to your new office, then inform your utility service providers as soon as possible. This will save you time as well as money during the move.

De-clutter Your Office

Make sure to de-clutter your office before hiring a mover. It is extremely important for you as it is necessary to know about the unused items of your office. Once you get to know about them, it will be easy for you to sell or donate them. If your consignment is small, you need to pay less to your mover. So, don’t forget to de-clutter your office before starting your move. This will make your move much more affordable for you.

Shift Your IT Department Carefully

Moving your IT equipment is no easy feat as you need to transport these items to another location with great care. These items are fragile and valuable, so you need to take enough time to relocate them to your new office space. There are many things that you will need to relocate to your new office such as costly computers, laptops, and large servers. Hence, take your time and relocate your IT equipment carefully.

Inform Your Employees

Another important thing is to inform all your employees about the upcoming move. This will instill trust in them. Also, if you are moving your office items to a new office space in another city, your employees can easily decide whether they will move with you or not. Make sure to choose the right time to tell your employees about the move.

Create an Inventory List

It is advisable to make an inventory list before moving your office items to your desired location. This will help you know about the office items that you are moving to your new location. You can also identify any damage to these articles during the move by referring to an inventory list. Also, you won’t forget to carry an office item that you will need at your new office if you have an inventory list with you.

Create a Good Budget

Creating a good budget is necessary to avoid spending too much money on your office move. If you have a good budget, you won’t have any problems in arranging money if your move becomes much more expensive.

Encourage Employees to Get Involved in the Move

You must involve your employees in the office move. They will appreciate you for this. You must tell them to carry their desks to the new office. They will be happy to do this work as they have complete freedom to take the things they need in the new office. Some people put plants on their desks. So, they can move them to the new office space and decorate their new work desk as per their requirements.


You can easily use the above-mentioned tips to streamline your office move even if you are moving with the movers and packers in Navi Mumbai. Apart from these tips, you can also find other methods to move your office items safely to a new location.

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